What Is DRTV?

It’s a small question that carries a large answer, and if you’ve been researching media advertising methods lately, you might find yourself asking, “What is DRTV?”. Direct response television, or DRTV, is a manner of media production and advertising that specifically targets the audience and directly provokes them into action. These actions could include anything from calling a phone number, taking a survey, visiting a website, or even purchasing a product. DRTV agencies are primarily concerned with broadcasting your company, brand, product, or message on large-scale media channels that capture a substantial audience.

At TVA Media Group, a large portion of our direct response marketing revolves around different structures of infomercials and documercials. Considerably different from typical television commercials, the infomercial offers long-form advertisement that extensively delineates the features and benefits of products or services. Documercials utilize a softer, more subtle approach to the sales pitch by disguising the advertising portion with scripts, production value, and formats that aren’t usually deployed with other TV campaigns. An infomercial’s singular ability to offer avenues that challenge typical sales approaches become their most alluring qualities, and often cause companies to choose this format over traditional commercial types. Below, we’ve answered a couple of the more common questions regarding our services, and how to make an infomercial.

How Much Do Infomercials Cost?

The price can vary, depending on what type of infomercial you choose—documercial, long form, news-style-and what kind of services you need. This could include script consultation, consumer research, providing film equipment, studio locations, and animation work. A 30 second TV spot in LA that is national broadcast quality in HD averages between $56,000-$416,000. Typical production costs for infomercials can fall anywhere between $196,000-$839,000. Source: Response Magazine July 2017 issue. That’s a lot; but TVA Media Group can produce spots and infomercials that compete effectively against the high-end shows for around 1/3 of industry averages.

How Long Is An Infomercial?   

Infomercials are long-form advertising methods, and as such their run times are usually 28 minutes and 30 seconds. Since the objective of these advertisements is to fully describe a product, having the extended time will allow you to properly depict your service so that your call to action will reach an extremely informed audience. Plus, all that time will allow you to build upon a softer sales approach so that potential customers don’t feel like a salesman is shoving product in your face.

What Are Media Buys?

Media buying is the process of purchasing advertising time from media channels such as television stations, newspapers, radio, magazines, blogs, and websites. The process typically includes research into the best possible placement opportunities, pricing, and the placement of the media itself. TVA specialists can help arrange all of this for you, including researching into both national and local media markets.

DRTV advertising is an artform, and since 1987, our dedicated teams worldwide are continuously perfecting our craft. It’s true that many media production companies exist, but getting all your services fulfilled by TVA gives you peace of mind. Our industry-recognized techniques have accumulated over 40 different television awards, and have helped numerous start-ups, Fortune 500 companies, PR firms, and even governmental agencies. In addition to the 34 soundstages and 33 backlots at Universal Studios (where TVA used to be located), we have a 30,000 sq ft HD broadcast studio we’ve utilized since 1992.  Five minutes away is our 8,520 sq ft estate we own with dozens of lifestyle setups and pre-built sets. What’s seen on TV highly affects our perception. If you have a product and want to take it to the masses (110 million households) using the biggest megaphone from the tallest mountain (direct response television), then check out our services and get in contact with a specialist today.   

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