eCommerce Growth Report: Top 10 Product Categories during COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has significantly impacted every aspect of daily life, including how people shop and what they are shopping for. This period of isolation and uncertainty has resulted in huge overnight changes to consumers’ shopping behaviors, from bulk-buying to online shopping.

With global online eCommerce already estimated to reach $5 trillion by 2021, the eCommerce sector was already booming but now, online shopping has gone into hyper growth. As more and more shoppers move their consumption online, businesses are doing the same in order to meet the demand and stay afloat.

Over 500,000 businesses around the world already run their online stores on Wix today. We analyzed their eCommerce sales during the month of April 2020 and compiled a list of the top 10 eCommerce product categories selling worldwide.

In comparison to January and February 2020, the top 10 eCommerce product categories all showed growth rates upwards of 100% during April 2020 and over 600% in the leading category.

Wix eCommerce Growth Report: Top 10 Product Categories during COVID-19

The list features many staple product categories that customers might have previously consumed offline from brick & mortar stores. It’s clear from the list that shoppers are moving online for necessities and products they need for a lifestyle in isolation.

Top 10 eCommerce Product Categories & Growth Rates During COVID-19

From top to bottom, this list shows the most popular eCommerce product categories during April 2020 based on sales data for the Wix network of over 500,000 online stores worldwide. The growth rate compares category sales to those in January and February this year.

01. Food & Groceries

605% Growth in Online Sales

Stores, restaurants and bars have been closed or very limited in their operating hours and capacities. Bulk-shopping, as well as supply and shipping delays have resulted in many goods being unavailable in local stores. Accordingly, grocery and food eCommerce has soared as many shoppers turned online to find the products they need.

Here are some examples of popular food & grocery products being bought online:

  • Fresh meats, dairy and bread from Weiss Meats and Deli, an old fashioned meat market based in Michigan, USA, offering online ordering and same day pickup.

  • A jar of your favorite sugary treats from the Sweet Shop, an online candy store from Blackburn, England.

  • Fresh fruit, vegetables & dairy products from Maison Colom, a French food business offering online orders and home delivery.

  • Traditional, handmade breads, sweets, cakes and snacks from Fisher & Donaldson is a Royal Warrant-holding fifth generation family bakery in the UK.

  • Frozen, homemade pizzas from Carlo’s Pizza, a family owned and operated pizza business that ships across the United States.

  • Handcrafted, flower donuts from gmgm, an online confectionery store from Japan.

  • Unique wine blends crafted by the Radical Wine Company, a family-run winery in Pennsylvania, USA.

02. Home & Garden

330% Growth in Sales

As people spend more time at home complying with shelter-in-place laws and guidelines, they’re paying more attention to their home environments. Mostly, people seem to want to keep their living spaces fresh and clean and spruce up their outdoor spaces.

Check out some examples of home and garden supplies shoppers are buying online:

  • Eco-friendly showerheads to improve flow and save water from Stone Stream, a UK-based merchant.

  • Outdoor swings and furniture from  Louisiana Cypress Swings & Things, a family run furniture business based in Louisiana, USA.

  • Custom children’s furniture from Gribouille Ta Chambre, an online boutique in France.

  • Handcrafted, eco-friendly, wooden furniture from Ecolignum, a German artisan manufacturer.

  • Kitchenware and utensils from Cucina Botanica, an Italian cooking site.

  • Inflatable hot tubs, furniture, and swimming pools from KEDA, a UK supplier for outdoor leisure products.

  • Epoxy kits for creating stone counter tops from Stone Coat, a DIY business based in Oregon, USA.

03. Pet Care

327% Growth in Sales

We all love our pets and seeing them happy brings us joy. Now that people are spending more time at home with their pets, they are investing in products that their animals need and enjoy. Browse some popular examples of pet care products that animal lovers are ordering online:

  • Unique pet products for your furry friends from Abbyspace, an online boutique for pets.

  • Puppy training products from Baxter & Bella, an online puppy training school and store.

  • High quality pet beds by From Hooman, an online store for pets and their owners.

  • Fresh dog meals made from organic, grain free products by Good Woofs, a Singaporean pet food business.

  • Aquarium stands and equipment from Innovative Marine, an aquarium business based in California, USA.

  • Outdoor aquariums from Garden Aquarium, an aquarium business based in the UK.

04. Games & Leisure

312% Growth in Sales

People have more free time to spend at home and are buying more games and leisure products to pass the time and occupy themselves and their children. Take a look at these examples of games and leisure products Wix merchants are selling online:

  • Pool tables and game room furniture from American Heritage Billiards, a family-run manufacturer offering online sales and delivery across the US.

  • Custom skateboard ramps and sports obstacles from Keen Ramps, a skater-owned business from California, USA.

  • Billiard tables and table sports equipment from Riley Leisure, a UK based manufacturer offering worldwide shipping.

  • Pinball and coin operated arcade machines from Orange County Pinballs, an online store based in California, USA.

  • Custom offshore trolling lures from Sterling Tackle, a US based fishing store.

  • Trampolines and swimming supplies from Outdoor Family Play, a US based business for outdoor leisure products.

05. Clothing & Apparel

226% Growth in Sales

With shoppers unable to buy clothing in person as many shops and malls remain closed, many are moving their purchases online. With more people working and learning from home, there’s been an increase in athletic and leisure wear apparel.

Here are some popular clothing and apparel items selling online:

  • Period & leak-proof underwear for women and men from Ruby Love, a clothing manufacturer based in NY, USA.

  • High-quality lingerie created from 100% Italian fabrics from Boutique Cotton Club, an Italian retailer.

  • Confidence-boosting apparel and accessories for women from The Be Brand, a clothing company based in the USA.

  • Comfortable clothing and loungewear from Villa Sophie, an online fashion boutique based in Italy.

  • Clean, comfortable, functional clothing from Catalyst for Change, an online store based in Maine, USA.

  • Affordable, quality casualwear from Espaço Casual, a Brazilain online clothing store.

06. Flowers & Plants

198% Growth in Sales

This spring, people are bringing flowers and plants into their homes and gardens, which is as far outdoors as most can venture. Check out these flowers and plants selling online:

  • Flower pots and bulbs from Johnson Florists, a neighborhood garden center based in Washington, USA.

  • Bedding plants and hanging baskets from Perfect Choice Plants, a family-run nursery in the UK.

  • Locally grown house plants from Robert Plant Greenhouses, a family owned and operated Garden Center in Canada.

  • Indoor plants from London House Plants, an online flower shop delivering across the UK.

  • Flower arrangements from Carpe Diem, an online florist delivering across Belgium.

07. Health & Beauty

166% Growth in Sales

Consumers are trying to take better care of themselves and focusing more on proactive, health-minded habits — from nutrition and weight management, to general wellness and health. And with many salons and barbers closed, people are doing more of their own cosmetic maintenance at home.

Browse these tempting health and beauty products selling online:

  • Colorful makeup and cosmetics from Colorina, a Puertorican cosmetics company.

  • Handmade soaps and cosmetics from Blumen Maedchen, an online German retailer.

  • Weight management products designed by nutritionists and cleanse specialists from Plant Dtox, an online store from California, USA.

  • Safe, cruelty-free baby care products from Tiny Human Supply Co., a US brand that makes a donation to feed a hungry child for every purchase.

  • Weight management programs from In Forma, an online Italian business.

  • Luxury hair wigs and organic hair growth products from Mink Hair Wholesale an online retailer & wholesaler based in the USA.

08. Books

151% Growth in Sales

People have moretime to read and are stocking up on reading material to keep them occupied at home.

Take a look at these specialized books being purchased online:

  • Personalized comic books for football fans of all ages from Soccer Star, a UK based brand.

  • Curated book collections from People Pub, an Italian publishing house delivering across Italy.

  • Children’s books from Ida Jackson, an online Norwegian bookstore.

09. Art & Crafting

133% Growth in Sales

Art has always been a source of inspiration, and now is no different. Shoppers are buying more art while looking for products to help them get creative themselves.

Get inspired by these art pieces and crafting products being bought online:

  • Fine art prints by artist Greg Overton’s online store.

  • Hand-crafted textiles, lights and accessories from Georges, a French artisan online store.

  • Stitching and embroidery kits and products from Kitten Stitcher, a US based online sewing store.

  • Custom designs to celebrate the birth of a child from Birth Design, a Japanese online store.

  • Photography technique book and app from Teoria del Color, a Spanish online photography store.

  • Handmade artisan crafts and crafting tools from Bear Mountain Designs, a US craft and design store.

10. Music

107% Growth in Sales

People find both passion and comfort in listening to and playing music during isolation. We’re seeing growth in sales of both music and instruments.

Get creative with these music and instruments being purchased online:

  • Exclusive vinyl pressed records from Flying Vinyl, an online subscription service based in the UK.

  • Top quality guitars and instrument repairs from All in One Guitars, an LA based guitar store.

  • Jazz lessons by international award winning saxophonist, Chad Lefkowitz-Brown from Online Jazz Lessons.

Times are definitely different, but this is also an opportunity to evolve and grow your business. While this may require adjustments to the way you operate or the products you sell, you’ll ultimately understand what your customers are shopping for and discover new ways to meet their needs.

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