Over Three Decades of Success

As one of the best DRTV agencies in the nation, TVA is a pioneer in the production and media placement industry. Ranked as one of the best DRTV agencies, TVA has won every major award in the industry. Our team has also been the subject of numerous major media interviews, both on television (NBC, PBS, The Learning Channel, TNN, Nippon TV) and in the press (Newsweek, LA Times, Ad Age, Adweek, Direct, Target Marketing, Hollywood Reporter. Film & Video, Response TV, Electronic Media and more).


TVA is one of the top direct response advertising agencies and independent media production / placement companies in the country. Our clients are worldwide. We have our own production facilities, coast-to-coast team, worldwide distribution & tracking resources


TVA offers the most cost-efficient way to get your story out to 1,100 TV stations, 40 major airlines (in-flight programming), 6,600 radio stations, 10,250 newspapers, 400 trade magazines & journals, and thousands of news portals — in a format broadcasters and editors can easily use immediately. Request a Product Proposal!

Proven Results

TVA has a 3 decade history of producing and placing direct response commercials, and news features for Fortune 500 companies, top-10 ad agencies and PR firms, national associations & non-profits, start-ups, micro & mid-cap companies, professionals, and government agencies. Our unparalleled track record is what makes us one of the world’s best DRTV agencies.

No Long Term Contracts

TVA media production, distribution & placement packages require no long term contract or retainer and come with more guaranteed placements and seven other Guarantees—the strongest in our industry.

Experienced Team

TVA utilizes several veteran producers, directors, and editors (including former CNN and top daily newspaper and wire service editors) who know what pulls best in this market. They’ll edit your releases or write a new series based on your materials and today’s trends. Editors and programming directors rely on our quality ready-made news features to meet their own growing need for editorial content.

Track Results

TVA features Emmy & Golden Mike winning news teams who will develop the plan to your approval, implement it, and measure the results. You will receive advance media schedules, detailed broadcast affidavitsand Arbitron reports (showing station, city, date and time, cumulative audience, and circulation) and actual clippings from newspapers and magazines. Clip entry and placement numbers are shown in real-time via 24/7 online tracking.

Guaranteed Placement

TVA guarantees to get your TV commercials, press releases, product video production, story ideas, VNRs, and/or videos the greatest number of media placements on TV, airlines, radio and print for the lowest cost. You won’t find that with other best DRTV agencies.

We Are Unique

TVA fills a specialized niche in the marketing industry, blending elements of public relations, digital, advertising, and promotion with the accepted forms of traditional journalism.

Great Reputation

TVA has a reputation for producing highly successful shows for some of the largest and most demanding corporations and institutions worldwide.

Flat Fee Blended Media Campaigns

TVA fills a specialized niche in the DRTV marketing industry. We don’t think you should have to figure out how to put all the pieces of your DRTV and Marketing campaign together on your own. That’s why our flat fee MEDIAblitZ! campaign package blends the best of TV, Radio, Print, Airlines, Digital, Social Media and PR that generates brand awareness and immediate ROI for our clients!

Cost-Diverse Client List

TVA clients range from global, multi-billion dollar corporations to local charities. By bringing show business to business we’ve helped these organizations communicate more effectively, both internally and to the outside world. With electronic media that combines sight, sound, motion and emotion—we turn their vision into visuals and images into income.

State of the Art Facility

TVA offers a huge digital production facility with a giant sound stage with blue, orange and green screens, motion control rigging, an insert stage, on-site digital compositing, digital editing bays, etc. The motion control / special F/X shots for Intel, Star Trek, Voyager and Deep Space Nine series were created here. Many of the scenes for the Disney movie “Up Close and Personal” with Robert Redford and Michelle Pfeiffer were shot here.

Extensive Media Library

TVA owns an extensive library of high-end live-action footage shot all over the world as well as exciting computer graphics and special F/X which could increase the production values and impact of the video several times over.

Well Traveled

TVA has shot award-winning programs in almost every part of the world. In the last few years alone, we’ve shot programs in the Caribbean, Bahamas, Mexican Riviera, Japan, Saudi Arabia, China, Thailand, Taiwan, Egypt, Honduras, Mexico City, and Canada. Our team has lived and/or worked in over twenty countries worldwide and is experienced in cross-cultural communications (See bios).

Sustainable Business

TVA is debt-free and has operated well in the black since its formation in 1987. TVA maintains a credit rating of “Excellent” by Dun & Bradstreet. (#61-908-3066).

Indecisive? Look at our extensive DRTV Portfolio to get a better idea about why we have been anointed as one of the best direct response marketing companies in California. You can also request for a Product Proposal to make the final call!

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