Level I National Media Package


This is our introductory package and ideal for companies who have a limited budget,
but want the benefits of a national TV campaign.


Includes script-to-screen production of:
  • 1-min + 30-second TV commercials 
  • Digital versions for podcasting, webcasting and VOD
  • Complete scripting
  • Shooting on locations approved by client or on a state-of-the-art HD sound stage/news set in Hollywood, CA
  • Production Insurance, TVA’s local Location and Travel expensesand Per Diem
  • Director and Producer Fees
  • Casting of actors or Emmy-winning news anchor or accredited field reporter
  • Voice-over narration
  • Unlimited stock footage from in-house library (36 years of archived production footage)
  • Complete Post Production / Editing with Graphics, Digital Editing, Music, Broadcast Mastering…


Your TV spots will air over 50 times in 135-210 Nielsen-ranked DMAs via national cable or CTV channels (you pre-approve) reaching 90+million households. A customized Media Plan will be created and presented for your approval.


“Top Story” placement for one month on home page of one or more of TVA’s news portals including:

Total Audience Impressions (est)

TV7-9 million
1 million
1 million
Total Audience

Our goal is to learn as much about you, your products, services or cause; as well as your goals and expectations to ensure our partnership thrives and the program’s success is maximized. To ensure a successful launch we will work closely with you in developing all elements of the campaign including Product Offer (CTA-Call to Action), Creatives and of course, the Media Plan.

Feel free to come meet with us, take a VIP studio tour; see samples of our work, the awards we’ve won and letters on the walls from happy clients; and share your specific goals. If you can’t make it, not to worry – most of our clients are out of state or country so we often never even meet them until shoot day. We have crews in every major city worldwide and a very easy and streamlined process for obtaining approvals on scripts, finished productions, media plans, etc. You’ll feel like we’re right next door!