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TVA combines the highest quality production values with state-of-the art hardware and software solutions. We provide inventive technological and workflow solutions for independent producers & clients looking to maximize their production budgets.


The studio has two soundstages equipped for HD and Ultra HD multi-camera production and insert stages totaling over 4,000 square feet. Studio A is engineered with a 16’ high 96-channel lighting grid and pre-lit news desk and talk show sets as well as a kitchen set, a coved digital green screen, broadcast optical fiber, high-speed internet, and streaming media connectivity. (YouTube Live, Twitch, Facebook Live).

The broadcast studio combines the highest quality production values with state-of-the-art hardware and software solutions. It provides inventive technological and workflow solutions for independent producers & clients who need to maximize their production budgets.


Studio A Details


  • 65’ x 52’ (3,380 sq. ft.) stage
  • 16’ high lighting grid
  • 96-channel light board / ETC ION 1000 board
  • Clear-com/RTS intercom – IFB-4 channel
  • Production offices
  • Makeup rooms
  • Conference rooms
  • Green rooms
  • Wardrobe/dressing rooms
  • Secure exterior staging area
  • Four restrooms
  • Fully air-conditioned with quiet airflow
  • 12’ x 10’ elephant doors for easy access and loading

Studio B Details


Can accommodate up to 3 talents, 1 camera, background wall options are: white brick wall, beige shiplap wall, green screen (waist and up), black curtain, blue velvet curtain, red velvet curtain, gold velvet curtain. 


  • Insul-Quilt walls
  • 9′ to the grid, 25′ long and 16′ wide
  • Portable green screen 16′ wide
  • 17 (20) amp grip Edison outlets
  • 16 audio inputs, 8 outputs
  • 5 DRX2000 RGB
  • 1 DRX1000 RGB
  • 5 patchable video sources
  • 1 gig internet
  • 3 Sempte camera cables
  • White brick wall background option
  • Shiplap wall background option (Color: authentic tan: BEHR)

Control Room

Two Switcher and Camera Options

  • Sony MVS 6000
  • Sony HDC-HDC 1500 Cameras

Coming Soon

  • Blackmagic 4ME 4K Switcher
  • Blackmagic 4K URSA Broadcast

Support Space

  • 43 Parking spaces with remote parking available.
  • 2 makeup rooms
  • 2 talent rooms
  • 1 green room
  • 1 conference room
  • Trailer with makeup/wardrobe/green room
  • Courtyard for crew lunch

Stages – Fully equipped sound stages with satellite broadcasting capabilities

The studio has two stages fully equipped for multi-camera HD production, with pre-lit sets, a kitchen set, a talk show set, a news set, social TV connectivity, broadcast transmission capabilities, RED cameras, and a lot more. It combines the highest quality production values with state-of-the art hardware and software solutions.

The studio features the very best in post production services and equipment.

Combining talent and technical expertise, TVA delivers the full array of post production services – everything from capturing data on location through offline, conform, color correction and digital distribution. Our cutting-edge facility supports 4K file work flow in delivering digital masters for features, TV shows, commercials and infomercials.
The digital intermediate suite is powered by a Barco 4K digital projector with real-time playback and Dolby 6.1 Surround Sound. Television color correction bays deploy the latest versions of Resolve and Nucoda systems and are calibrated to deliver in UHD and HDR color space.

Control Room A Equipment List

Fiber Transmission to the AT&T hub

  • 1 – 1.5Gbp uncompressed HD Circuit
  • 1 – 270Mb SD Circuit

Playback-Video Clip Server

  • Abekas Tria
  • 3 Channels of video plus 1 alpha

Character Generator

  • Xpression w/ Studio 8.5
  • 3 Channels


  • AJA KiPro Ultra

Audio Mixers

  • Yamaha O2R 24 Channel mixer
  • Yamaha DM 2000

Phone Line Interface

  • Gentner

House Intercom

  • RTS Adam Matrix


  • Qpro Software with ShuttleXpress Hand Control
  • 3 pedestals with Teleprompter glass hoods
  • Jib above lens prompter


  • Sony MVS-6000: 2ME Switcher
  • Blackmagic Design ATEM 4 M/E Studio 4K


  • 8 – 47” monitor wall
  • 6 multiview monitors, 1 preview, 1 program


Live Broadcast and Webcast

Live Broadcasting is ideal for a wide variety of shoots including:
  • Satellite media tours
  • Radio tours
  • Live shots
  • Public service announcements
  • Live news feeds
  • Video tape playback
  • Live inserts
  • Home shopping
  • Breaking news
  • UStream programs

Mobile Production

TVA offers complete turn-key production including mobile production with a fully equipped staff of trained mobile broadcast technicians. Live streaming of PPV and other events via UStream and other live streaming platforms.

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