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TVA is a leader in direct response media placement and all aspects of DRTV (Direct Response Television). We buy time on all national Cable Networks and broadcast network affiliate stations in the 210 local TV markets in the U.S. When local and national stations have television inventory, TVA can optimize slots for our clients to receive heightened brand awareness.

Our team offers an exquisite mix of traditional and digital buying avenues to promote your product and hence boost the company’s ROI. Our DRTV campaigns remain relevant to consumers, no matter changes in media trends or marketing strategies. Years of consummate experience have made us a sought-after choice of several corporate clients.

We have pioneered cost-effective Direct Response media plans utilized by leading companies, many of whom we have been honored to serve since our agency’s inception in 1987. Our client’s ads have generated several million phone calls in that time (even more in revenue), and we’d love to do the same for your company.

Our integrated media campaigns have a proven track record of delivering desirable results to attract and engage customers to spike ROI. You can see our results with tracking. If you have a product worth its salt, then we are your ultimate partner to present and promote it while adding more value to its relevance for the end customers. Are you looking for quick results? We are just a call away.


Our commercials are planned and designed to reflect upon the most compelling factors to hook the audience. Each ad has a targeted message with a specific call to action for the audience. Our goal is to motivate the target audience to respond specifically and to track the results. No matter the format — short form or long-form– we can deliver the message. 

With offline or online media, we maintain complete sync in our multichannel advertising campaigns to influence the opinion of end customers and fuel instant call to action. Our targeted media campaigns always keep the compelling needs of end customers in mind. We continually monitor the direct response campaigns to assess their performance and what changes to make for an optimal response.

We recommend the best advertising vehicles after thoroughly evaluating your product. You can trust our DRTV media buying agency for handling it all for you – from script to screen, dubs to distribution!


Look at our celebrated DRTV Portfolio to get a better insight into the depth of our services as a premier direct response television marketing agency in California.  Ready to discuss? Let’s get started!


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Give an exponential spike to your product ROI with razor sharp strategies crafted by the #1 media buying agency in California
– TVA Media Group!

Does Your Product Have What It Takes for DRTV Success?