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Direct Response Television, commonly called DRTV, is a type of TV advertising with a response trigger such as an 800 number, website address, text message, or bar code. Its main purpose is to generate an immediate response from viewers interested in purchasing a product or service.

 Quick Stats:

/// DRTV campaigns are 20x more effective in generating leads and sales than regular TV campaigns.

/// Direct Response TV advertising revenue in the United States is over $4.1B annually.

/// Baby Boomers are a key target audience for DRTV due to their television consumption habits and purchasing power. 93% of all Baby Boomers still consume TV every week. Baby Boomers also hold $2.6 Trillion in buying power.

/// U.S. consumers find television ads more trustworthy than those on other advertising channels.

No, TV advertising is not dead, but its effectiveness and prominence have evolved in the digital age. While traditional TV advertising still reaches a broad audience, there has been a shift towards digital advertising due to the rise of online streaming platforms and the ability to target specific demographics more precisely.

Advertisers often use a combination of traditional and digital methods to create comprehensive marketing strategies. TV advertising can still be effective for reaching a large and diverse audience, however, the landscape is dynamic, and advertisers adapt their approaches to leverage the strengths of various channels based on their campaign goals. See

TVA’s MEDIAblitZ!® is a full-scale, orchestrated six month media assault designed to build brand awareness and solid ROI for our clients via a national broadcast, cable, satellite, print, radio, digital, social, internet and PR campaign reaching nearly every household in the country. Read More

You get peace of mind. With TVA you know your results will be excellent.

Our nine guarantees ensure this.

TVA is one of the oldest and best DRTV marketing agencies in the country — with extensive HD Production, broadcast, distribution & tracking resources – and a worldwide team. Since 1987, our DRTV agency has provided TV and video production, media buying and booking services, national and local programming, and broadcast/print-ready News Features for over 20,000 TV, radio and print media outlets.

We have an A+ rating with the BBB; Class 1 credit rating with D&B, and hundreds of references and case studies covering 30 industry categories. Google keywords like agencies, DRTV agency, direct response marketing agency, top infomercial producer, documercial, performance-based PR, VNR Production, Satellite Media Tour, Electronic Press Kits, etc. to confirm our top rankings for organic listings.  Clients include Fortune 500 companies, startups, Top 100 PR firms and ad agencies, national associations & non-profits, professionals, and government agencies worldwide. We have our own ultra-HD production facilities, worldwide team, distribution and tracking resources. TVA’s team has won over 40 Emmy, Telly, Golden Mike, Addy, Clio, Peabody and Aegis awards.

Our production offices are around the corner from CBS and the 30,000 sq. ft. main studio is next to Universal Studios, Hollywood. Come take a VIP tour! If you can’t make it, not to worry – most of our clients are out of state or country so we often never even meet them until shoot day. We have crews in every major city worldwide and a very easy and streamlined process for obtaining approvals on scripts, finished productions, media plans, etc. Our clients say they feel like we’re right next door.


TVA is unique in that not only can we produce (from script to screen) and place (dubs to distribution) highly effective promotional media such as TV spots, infomercials, documercials, satellite media tours, movie trailers, corporate videos, DVDs, internet streaming videos, etc. — we can also generate a ton of free publicity / non-paid (earned) media for our clients by creating or repurposing your ads into AP style broadcast/print-ready “News Features” for use on over 20,000 TV, Radio and Print media outlets.

With our blended media packages, you are guaranteed massive media exposure for a fraction of the costs of traditional advertising (and with far more credibility).

We have consistent track records for success and the strongest guarantees in the industry. If your product has a high viability score we will waive a huge portion of the costs of a campaign package in exchange for a small commission on online sales or leads we generate for you. We also do brand response campaigns at volume rates based on $15 million in media buys per week ($780 million annually). We will go head-to-head against any agency in the U.S. and if we don’t outperform by at least 20-40%, we’ll refund our entire commissions.

Clients include funded startups to Aquasana, Cessna, DeVry, Jenny Craig, Lexus, Marriott, MasterCard, Nutrilite, Sony, StreetStrider, Ubisoft, Universal Studios, Verizon, and Viking Cruises

Award-winning infomercials, TV commercials, documercials, sponsored TV newsmagazines, TV Specials, DRTV, documentaries, video news releases (VNRs), electronic press kits (EPKs), Satellite Media Tours (SMT), promo videos, movie trailers, DVDs, VideoWalls, and the world’s largest 70mm WaterScreen projections.

TVA offers the entire spectrum of media for Hollywood, businesses, non-profits, ad agencies, PR firms, associations, professionals, and government agencies worldwide — and is a recognized expert in the use of many emerging technologies such as UHD, WaterScreens, motion control, digital animation, interactive programming, cross-platform interactive DVDs, VideoWalls, etc.

TVA’s media buyers are industry leaders in direct response media placement and all aspects of DRTV (Direct Response Television). We buy time on all national Cable Networks as well as broadcast network affiliate stations in the 210 local TV markets in the U.S.

Just one of our media buyers alone averages over $15 million per week ($780 million annually) in short and long form DRTV.  If we can’t outperform any other DRTV agency by at least 20-40% in a head-to-head test, we will rebate our commissions.

Our packages can easily be customized to best fit your target’s demographics and interests. We can target by program, local market, daypart and network.

We’re so confident in our abilities to generate results, we often do SHARED RISK deals where TVA will waive a large portion of the upfront costs for a campaign package in exchange for a percentage of revenues generated.

Most of our clients are out of state or country and we often never even meet them until shoot day. We have stringer crews in every major city worldwide and a very easy and streamlined videoconferencing and online process. You’ll feel like we’re right next door!

We offer nine of the strongest guarantees in our industry.


Since 1987, thousands of TV, airline, radio and print media outlets have come to rely on TVA’s media booking services and ready-made News Features to meet their own growing need for editorial content – often due to staff cutbacks. We utilize a nationwide team of over 140 writers, producers, directors, media strategists, and publicists who maintain a database of carefully cultivated contacts. They keep track of the editorial calendars, preferred formats and running-lengths required by broadcasters and editors.

Our veteran producers, directors, writers and editors (including former CNN and top daily newspaper and wire service editors) will develop the plan to your approval, implement it, and measure the results. You will receive a monthly usage map plus actual clippings from newspapers, detailed TV, airline and radio broadcast affidavits, bar charts, pie charts and circulation data—verifying the guaranteed number of interviews, Feature Story placements and audience impressions promised you in the contract.

NOTE: To supplement the number of earned (non-paid) media placements per package chosen and to ensure we meet our contractual guarantees – we repurpose your ads, VNRs, corporate DVDs etc., into branded/sponsored content, e.g. advertorials, documercials, News Features, TV news Spotlights, NewsBreaks™, etc. and place them on top tier media outlets.



Our direct response marketing agency is used by startups / emerging companies, small-caps, mid-caps, Fortune 500s, entertainment companies, advertising agencies, public relations and investor relations firms (we’re their best kept secret), national associations, professional organizations, non-profits, and government agencies worldwide.



We have a ton!


We have a Business Reliability Report from the Better Business Bureau (BBB) showing TVA’s track record since 1987.

TVA’s D&B D-U-N-S rating / credit history is superior.


The $71.1 billion spent on linear TV ads annually indicates yes, TV works.

Media fragmentation has led to a lot of buzz in the industry about “the death of television.” But in reality, linear TV is still the best way to reach people—by far. Consider stats like these:

116.4 million households in the U.S. regularly tune in. That’s 92.5% of the nation’s population.
The average American watches at least three hours of linear TV every day.
With all the scary statistics and hyperbolic trade-media headlines, it’s easy to lose sight of a simple, vital fact: from the consumers’ point of view, it’s all just video. There have been changes in when they watch it, the devices they use to access it, and the providers they get it from. But whether they view it on a smartphone or a 72-inch plasma screen, it’s still just video. Our job is to stay in front of them in the most efficient and relevant way possible.

For decades, DRTV advertising has come in two basic formats: “Short form,” either sixty seconds or two minutes in length; and half-hour (actually 28:30) “Long form” shows.

Now, there’s “Midform,” and it’s creating exciting new opportunities to boost existing campaigns or even break into the marketplace for the first time.

As a rule, the Midform DRTV spot is five minutes in length (although running times of three and four minutes have also been tested). The five minute length allows enough time for the classic, proven infomercial structure:

Call to action
All well and good, but does it work? According to our media buying partners who book approximately 50% of all 5-minute airings, the results are definitive.

On average, the 5-minute format outperforms:

:60 spots by 32%
:120 spots by 21%
3:00 spots by 15%
4:00 spots by 18%
It’s clear that the extended length of Midform not only encourages call volume, but a better informed caller can also lead to improved conversion ratios. Either way, more sales.

Counter to what one may intuitively think, firms that appear on the surface to provide direct or tangential competition, such as advertising agencies, production houses, public relations firms, and investor relations firms are often our most reliable source of clients, and we work together regularly with these firms to deliver quality media exposure to our mutual clients.

The main difference between our DRTV agency and other media and advertising related firms is that, while they will guarantee that you’ll pay a monthly retainer, we guarantee that you will get a pre-determined media value for which we provide 100% accountability and reporting.

Even though news features are more valuable than advertisements, we count only the “advertising equivalent value” of the space in which your news features are printed. Since advertising rates are published for every newspaper to which we distribute your stories, we simply multiply the size of a particular story placed in a particular newspaper by the ad rate for that newspaper to arrive at a “media value” based on just the add space, not even accounting for the greater value created by the fact that it’s a story, not an ad.   We then tally up the media value of all the stories placed in all the newspapers to arrive at an aggregate value of all the media we’ve provided for you.  Same with radio stations.  You get real-time online and weekly printed reports (along with all the clippings) that include number of placements and the media value ascribed to each.

There are other creative direct response agencies who claim to do the same things as TVA, but there are many significant differences:

Dollar for dollar, TVA generates higher production values and more placements than any other DRTV agency or marketing service in the country. All of the largest media outlets have used our bookings, programming, news feeds and Feature Stories.

We offer nine of the strongest guarantees in our industry!

We guarantee to beat our competitors written quotes by at least 10-15%.

We distribute in the formats editors and broadcasters prefer while others just invite editors to visit their site.

We send out stories at least once a week. Other services send out monthly—or some do seasonal supplements. Our deadlines for special dates (holidays, etc.) are easier to meet because we distribute weekly.

Your Features are also posted on the internet for at least six months for easy editor pickup.

Our weekly distribution and programming schedule allows for ongoing or weekly series.

We offer targeting to minority media (Hispanic, African American and Asian) for the lowest rates in the industry.

We can provide regional distribution when necessary.

By using several major monitoring and clipping bureaus, we obtain the most precise Neilsen-based usage reports and maximum number of clippings.

We will send you monthly, full-color usage reports with graphs, charts, information on viewership, circulation, readership, number of placements and equivalent ad space cost. We also include a map of the U.S. with a pin dot for each placement, demographic information on wealth, population, rank of market reached and a top 100 markets checklist. We also give descriptions for circulation area covered (towns and cities the media outlets reached)—all so management can see at a glance your success in major markets.

Your News Features can be presented as a byline by your designated spokesperson.

A majority of our articles are “evergreen” in that they are written to place throughout the year, which provides an increase of placement over time. We can also release time-sensitive news (i.e., announcing deadlines) with enough lead-time.

We are a one-stop script-to-screen shop for media production, media buying, distribution, placement, monitoring, and guaranteed publicity!

We turn vision into visuals…image into income by creating media that makes money.

We have our own HD production facilities, editing bays and equipment with both the Arri Alexa and Red Dragon ultra-HD cameras and lighting packages…

In-house producers, creative director, DP, editors, casting director, makeup artist, etc. plus dozens of freelance talent within a five-mile radius of our offices—in the heart of the production capital of the world:  Universal City/Hollywood/Burbank/Studio City…

We own a 6 million dollar, 8,520 sq ft mansion customized for optimal shooting in multiple locations with 30 ft tall ceilings, large guesthouse, full-size tennis court and pool…

A 30,000 sq. ft HD broadcast studio (next to Universal Studios, Hollywood) with a 30’ x 120’ green screen, pre-built sets including a news desk setup used by Fox News…

We spread the costs and profit margins over many accounts…

We’ve spent the past three decades cultivating close relationships with media outlets and vendors…

We pre-pay our media outlets and vendors in return for prime placements, more frequency, lower CPMs, bonus airings…

We’ve are pioneers in buying TV airtime via National Network Clusters…

We are able to generate a ton of free publicity / non-paid (earned) media for our clients by repurposing their ads into AP style broadcast/print-ready “News Features.” Over 20,000 TV, Radio and Print media outlets utilize TVA’s free content.

Many of our vendors work on a performance basis including our publicists who book TV and radio talk show appearances for our clients.

Detailed reports are provided which include pre-logs, post logs, campaign optimization, and viewer reach data.

Steven Spielberg, James Earl Jones, Charlize Theron, Danny Devito and KISS just to name a few. You can view our full celebrity list by clicking the link below.



Does Your Product Have What It Takes for DRTV Success?