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Our key objective is to place commercials in programs that do a good job of reaching the intended audience as efficiently and effectively as possible. (eg buying 1000 spots that air midnight-6AM adds up to a bunch of spots, but not much audience).

The majority of our buy will be explicitly targeted media. The only exception would be specific recommended media only available as a rotator.

TVA manages every campaign personally, negotiating in partnership with our extensive network of first-hand relationships with media outlets, wholesalers, and buyers. Invoices are reconciled on an on-going basis, prelogs are provided, and pdf versions of all station affidavits will be collected and presented at the end of the campaign.

We will provide a match report. At the time that media is purchased, make-good terms are negotiated to ensure delivery in similar programming and appropriate time parts. When an acceptable make-good is not possible, we will ensure that credit is returned promptly. Spots will be encoded, and delivery will be monitored daily.

ROS is rarely effective and is not generally deployed in an effective targeted media campaign. As stated above, the only exception would be specific recommended media available only on rotator – such as the Kids’ Clusters on DISH and DirecTV. Cable network time will be national/network level, except where a specific DMA is targeted.


When buying DMAs, at a certain point it becomes more cost-effective to buy nationally. If one is targeting 2-3 smaller DMAs, it would be more cost-effective to buy locally, but if we’re looking at several top-20 markets, it will assuredly be more cost-effective to buy nationally, airing ads with wording such as ‘Now Playing in Selected Cities’.

We usually work through clearing houses who deal with 100% of national local cable but we also have strong relationships with each regional rep.

We have strong personal relationships with many local stations and our encoded spots will be track-able in 210 regional markets.

Again, we will often deal with national reps, but buys are also negotiated on a station by station basis when required. We will always get the best negotiated rates possible, to make sure that collectively, we are providing our clients with the most efficient and effective media plans.

This is a question we get a lot and is one of the most common misconceptions. Even with some younger consumers “cutting the cord,” television remains the most impactful medium. How people are watching television has evolved, with many now watching along with a second screen (phone/tablet) near by, but this only improves our ability to generate an action and not just an emotion. It is somewhat ironic that the largest players in the digital marketing space (Facebook, Google, YouTube, Amazon) are some of the biggest spenders on television media. Check back in with us in 10 years, but for our clients, television is alive and well.

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