DTC and Digitally Native Brands Find Bright Spots in Linear TV

With a different audience and sometimes favorable pricing, the old medium is seeing new converts

Digitally native brands—diversifying away from performance platforms like Meta and Google—are finding success in a decisively analog, famously brand-building medium: linear television.

Five-year-old direct-to-consumer diaper brand Coterie started investing in linear television in fall 2022, said Ankur Goyal, vice president of growth at the company. The channel boasts a cost per acquisition that is competitive with, if not beating, Facebook, as measured by post-purchase surveys.

“When you shut [linear] off, you feel it the next day,” Goyal said.

While Coterie still spends the majority of its advertising budget on Meta and Google, linear TV is taking a larger share of incremental media spend, and it commands significantly more investment than streaming television, as CPMs (cost per thousand impressions) for linear TV can be 70% cheaper than the cost of streaming, Goyal said.

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