Top 5 CPG Industry Trends for 2023

CPG Industry Trends for 2023

2023 is shaping up to be a year of financial uncertainty, but amidst the uneasiness, one thing is clear – digital marketing will continue to play a crucial role in the consumer packaged good (CPG) brand experience. As consumers’ utilization of the internet for purchase decisions continues to grow, it’s more critical than ever for marketers to stay up-to-date on the latest CPG industry trends. Here are a few of the trends we see shaping the CPG landscape in 2023:

Top 5 CPG Industry Trends for 2023

  1. Personalization will be key: One-on-one is #1 on our list of CPG industry trends for 2023. Consumers expect a personalized, online experience and are more likely to show affinity for brands that can deliver something meaningful, relevant, and tailored to their specific needs. In 2023, we expect to see more brands using data and artificial intelligence (AI) to personalize their marketing efforts and create more targeted and relevant customer experiences. Purchase history, browsing behavior, and demographic information are just a few of the data points you can use to customize your CX to be more targeted and relevant to each customer. From email campaigns to product recommendations, if you’re not already creating bespoke communications, 2023 is the year to start.
  2. Video content will continue to grow: Video content is a powerful marketing tool and it’s only going to grow in importance in the 2023. The continued rise of TikTok and the algorithmic preference for video content across all social media platforms, makes it crucial for brands to have a strong video marketing strategy. This means going deeper than repurposing your :30 TV spot for digital spaces. Brands need to create content that informs as well as delights. From showcasing core values to highlighting new product offerings, upping your video game is a must-do CPG industry trend this year.
  3. Social media influencer partnerships will become more important: Love them or hate them, social media influencers will continue to exert their reach across specific target audiences and drive sales. In 2023, we expect to see more brands partnering with influencers to promote their products and reach new customers. The key here is to be deliberate and authentic with these partnerships. Finding influencers who are a great fit for your brand and your values can provide a huge lift. So do your homework and trust your gut when it comes to who you trust to share a stage with your brand. 
  4. E-commerce keeps rolling: Online shopping will continue to grow in 2023, making e-commerce a dominant channel for CPG brands to reach customers. In 2023, we expect to see more brands focusing on building strong e-commerce presences, including building out their own online stores and optimizing for platforms like Amazon. Brands should ensure their e-commerce sites are user-friendly, offer a seamless purchasing experience, and have high-quality product images and descriptions. Getting the blocking and tackling right for your CX is becoming table stakes, and those who do it well, will continue to be rewarded with customer allegiance.
  5. Customer reviews and ratings will be more important than ever: Consumers continue to find their digital voices via costumer reviews and ratings. This once innocuous stage can now make or break a brand, so in 2023, we expect to see savvy brands continue to prioritize customer feedback and using it to improve their products and marketing efforts. Brands can encourage customers to leave reviews and ratings on their websites and social media pages and be sure to respond to both positive and negative feedback. Taking each consumer seriously and treating them with respect and courtesy helps your brand live its values and ideals, and reinforces the personalization trend taking place across all platforms this year.


Digital marketing will continue to be a key driver in CPG industry trends in 2023. Brands that can personalize their marketing efforts, create engaging video content, partner with social media influencers, optimize their e-commerce presences, and prioritize customer feedback will find themselves better positioned to gain market share and adapt to changing market conditions in the coming year.

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