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So You Want To Be A Hot Guest in a show? Here’s What It Takes…

A Great Message
You have an important message, and TVA is ready to help you broadcast that message with an impressive impact on Radio and/or TV! With greater than 25 years of experience, TVA has developed a unique and exciting promotional venue. We have established a great reputation in the industry and have developed strong working relationships with key media contacts throughout the US, Canada, Australia, and other English speaking markets. Through these media contacts, we arrange for clients to appear as guests/experts on popular radio stations plus local/national television shows. Radio is a great tool and we target appearances with a blend of AM-Talk (with great demographics) and FM variety (with great big numbers). Segments range in length from 5-55 minutes. Using aggressive media exposure, our clients promote themselves, their causes, and/or their product (books, seminars, toys/games, consulting services, etc.)

A Desire To Spread That Message
TVA represents authors, professional speakers, special causes, industry experts, publishers, sports figures and entrepreneurs. Anyone that wants his or her message heard by millions of people! We personally coordinate all the details and logistics with the media. This includes: promoting our client; providing the station with the details necessary to add “spark” to the interview; booking the show and working out a mutually agreed schedule. It’s a lot of work, and the stations we deal with demand responsiveness, quality guest and quality bookings… Therefore, we intentionally limit the number and type of clients that we contract with.

An Expert In Your Area
Because the media relationships we have are so important to our mutual success, we must ensure that our clients are talented, marketable and of current interest. * Part of our contract includes a session with a media consultant who will constructively assess your presentation(s) and suggest ways that you can add impact and appeal to your message. By promoting only high quality guest we are able to “open doors” in great media markets and maintain our reputation as the leading media talent referral in the industry. When stations book a TVA Guest, they know they are getting someone their listeners will enjoy!

…. Our team has booked over 5,000 media shows!
What do WGN Radio, The Rick Dees Show, WOR, Art Bell, Dr. Laura, NPR, WOL and 40,000 other stations across the country have in common? They’ve all worked with TVA and team. TVA and team has booked over 5,000 media appearances in the past fourteen years, many with the top names in the business, from O’Reilly to Paul Harvey.

TVA has been scheduling interesting people on local and national Radio shows throughout the US, Canada, and Australia. We pride ourselves in providing the most knowledgeable and interesting guests, from Pro football players to heart surgeons & even Scooby Doo the cartoon character! Most of our client base has been comprised of authors, including Dave Pelzer (NY times Best Selling Author), Georgia Durante, The Company She Keeps (The TV series, Soprano’s is based on this), Peter and Cheryl Barnes, The White House Mouse Series, and Alan Osmonds’ series of children’s books, just to name a few!

Along with providing a background/tease piece, complete with questions (a cheat sheet for producers and hosts) and a detailed show confirmation sheet with all the details outlined for the producer, we also train the clients to be the perfect interview and best of all to get results.

Our fee also includes a professionally written bio/tease piece complete with questions, written for the media… in their language. We provide tips for a better interview and results. Also included are radio interview training with a professional media trainer. This training is done by phone, which allows you to rehearse and better prepare to give the best interview possible. You’ll learn the art of the sound bite and much more. This training is a must for anyone who wants to become a media star. (Radio interview training fee is $300 dollars. However, it is included in our fee if you sign a contract for three months or longer

“Suddenly, publicity looks affordable” – Robert Rister

” You are very easy to work with and understand the market needs to get the right exposure” – Thomas Kinslow

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TVA books the hottest guests on the hottest stations! We love what we do and we do it well. 818-505-8300

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