Spotlight on our CEO

Jeffery Goddard
CEO / Founder / Executive Producer

For over three decades, Jeffery has pioneered the effective utilization of emerging media technologies for marketing, advertising and PR. He is the creator of MediaBlitz!®, a script to screen campaign strategy that has generated some of the highest grossing advertising/PR campaigns in history. Jeffery has been the subject of numerous major media interviews including Newsweek, PBS, Discovery, Direct, TLC, Response, and Electronic Retailer. He is the founder and CEO of TVA Media Group, TVA Productions, exec producer of two major studio films, and sponsored TV newsmagazine (documercial) series including Business World News, Heath World News, and Entertainment World News.

Since founding TVA in 1987, Jeffery has exec produced highly successful campaigns for feature films, corporations, startups, government agencies and non-profits. Jeffery was retained as a media consultant for the blockbuster Roland Emmerich film 2012 and was executive producer for Nobel Son starring Danny DeVito, Bryan Greenberg, Alan Rickman and Bill Pullman. Jeffery also handled TV advertising for the hit movie Bottle Shock.

Son of the well-known documentary/adventure filmmaker/explorer, John Goddard, Jeffery grew up surrounded by film production. He was a news anchor and TV reporter for KBYU while attending Brigham Young University and majoring in Communications / Broadcasting. He also received a BA in Japanese and Intercultural Communications from the University of Hawaii. Jeffery has lived and traveled throughout Asia since 1979 and is totally fluent in reading, writing, and speaking Japanese, as well as some Mandarin.

Soon after joining Ogilvy & Mather, Jeffery became their youngest-ever manager as well as chief liaison with Ogilvy’s partner, Tokyu Agency International. He was instrumental in developing worldwide ad campaigns for Sony (including Walkman launch), Singapore Airlines, Sunkist, Exxon, Yoplait, Lee Jeans and Canada Dry winning numerous awards. While in Japan, Jeffery made over 300 TV and radio show appearances including a primetime quiz show similar to “Jeopardy” for six months running, holding the longest winning streak in the show’s history. He was featured in Newsweek as one of “Japan’s Gaijin Superstars.”

Since founding TVA Media Group, Jeffery has exec produced highly successful campaigns for such clients as Baxter, Cable & Wireless, Canon, Cessna, Epson, FEMA, Kellogg’s, Hill & Knowlton, Lexus, Marriott, Nickelodeon, Occidental Petroleum, Pepsi, Princess Cruises, Qualcomm, Salvation Army, Sony, Space Adventures, Technicolor, Teradata, Universal Studios, Warner Bros., Westinghouse, World Vision, and Yonex.

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