References and Case Studies of our Work.

ROI on PR efforts are measured by:

Gross media impressions — how many viewers, listeners or readers saw or heard the story.

Message pull-through — indication of how many times core messages were conveyed in a story.

Ad dollar equivalency — the comparison of how much it would cost in advertising dollars if a company placed ads that ran on the outlets during that timeframe and length of time.

Website clicks — spikes in Website visits during a PR campaign. For example, there should be some measurement of traffic right after a SMT. Same goes for phone calls if a phone number is given.

References and Case Studies: Advertising / PR / IR Agencies

“I have worked with TVA for many years. They have always been a top-notch agency to work for. A quick look at their website will show that they have a lot more than just TV ads at their disposal for driving the maximum response, and their commercial production facilities and team are second to none. I highly recommend them.” Randall McGuire, President, Advantage Media Services, Inc.

“In the seven years I’ve known Jeffery Goddard, he has shown only compassion and forthrightness in doing business. He is an intelligent executive and one that commands respect by virtue of his knowledge of his industry and willingness to go beyond the contract to satisfy his clients.” D. Geno Brunton, President, BCC News

“TVA is the best, and my favorite producer and media buyer.” Jack King,
CEO, Celeb Brokers
3435 Ocean Park Blvd., #107
Santa Monica, CA 90405

“Thanks to repeat assignments by this Washington D.C.-based PR firm, TVA has set industry records for media placements. TVAs most recent campaign for their client resulted in thousands of placements including Good Morning America, The Today Show, CBS The Early Show, CNN (43 times), NBC Nightly News, Fox News, MSNBC, CNBC, Bloomberg TV, NY Times, and 790 broadcast affiliates with at least one station in every one of the top ten DMAs. It was seen by over 169 million viewers in the U.S. Alone, setting an all-time industry record.” Crosby Volmer International Communications

Our campaign last year generated over 87 million viewers with placements on The Today Show, CNN (24 times), NBC Nightly News, Fox News, NY Times, etc.

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