Here Are the Fastest Growing Categories and Highest Selling Products Right Now

With all the change that’s gone on in the last two months, it’s been hard to know what products are worth selling and what products aren’t.

While demand in some categories has skyrocketed like never before, other niches that are usually very stable have seen demand dip.

Now that the world has been in various forms of lockdown for some time, we’ve started to see some interesting data emerging from consumer activity. This has included product categories that have experienced significant year on year growth, as well as those where demand has totally dropped. We also have access to data showing the products with the highest sales numbers. All this indicates what buyers have been concerned with over the last month.

Now, it wouldn’t be any fun to have all this information and not share it with anyone. Below, we’ve put together some information that will hopefully help you be able to understand current consumer activity better. We hope this information will help inform you and perhaps enable you to find smart business opportunities during coronavirus.

Categories With the Biggest Year on Year Growth

Before we get started on individual products, let’s gather some context by taking a peek into the categories with the most significant year on year (YoY) growth. We took data from March 30 – April 28, 2020, and compared it to the same period in 2019. The result is the categories that grew that most in terms of merchant revenue – or ‘merchant GMV.’

This doesn’t necessarily mean that these categories are where the most money or the largest number of sales were made overall. Still, it does show up that these categories have grown significantly.

With all that in mind, here’s a list graph showing YoY growth across all categories.

As you can see, there are a few categories that have had some exceptional YoY growth, including these six categories:

  1. Security and Protection
  2. Home Appliances
  3. Home Improvement
  4. Sport and Entertainment
  5. Lights and Lighting
  6. Tools

On the other side of things, three categories don’t show any growth on this graph. In reality, these categories saw negative growth compared to the same period a year ago. This doesn’t mean items from this category didn’t sell, but rather that revenue decreased in April 2020, compared with April 2019. Those three categories are:

  1. Watches
  2. Men’s Clothing and Accessories
  3. Luggage and Bags

The reasons for the negative growth in the Luggage and Bags category can undoubtedly be explained by the coronavirus pandemic. After all, hardly anyone is traveling right now. Watches could also be seen as unnecessary while we’re all on lockdown and have fewer places to be, therefore fewer reasons to check a timepiece. Likewise, this could also explain why the Men’s Clothing & Accessories category was down compared with April 2019.

With the growth of these categories in mind, let’s move on and get specific by checking out some of the most popular products from the last 30 days.

Highest Selling Products of the Last Four Weeks

We crunched the numbers from April and found a list of products that have been flying off virtual shelves in recent weeks.

The product recommendations below come from a wide variety of categories, and some may even seem a little strange. But, if there’s one thing you should know about winning products, it’s that they’re not always the type of item you would suspect. And not always the kind of thing you would buy for yourself.

Keep in mind that this list is based on units sold, not by how much merchants made selling the items. This is important as other products could have made more in revenue, but that wouldn’t accurately indicate the demand for the product.

1. LED Strip Lights

Nestled in this Lights & Lighting category, LED strip lighting has become hugely popular over the last few months.

This is a product that enables buyers to decorate their space with extremely easy to install lights. Users control the lights with either a remote or an app and can choose whatever color they want.

The popularity of these lights may have skyrocketed due to use on social media platforms such as TikTok, and in the gaming community.

And, with people spending more and more time inside, they’ve probably also gained popularity due to their ability to easily makeover a room.

2. Resistance Bands

With so many people unable to go to the gym, I don’t know if it’s much of a surprise to learn that resistance bands have become a huge seller. And adding to their recent popularity was likely the social media buzz about building new healthy habits during our time in isolation.

All you really need to do is take one peek at Google Trends to understand why resistance bands have become such big sellers.

Resistance bands are the perfect piece of gym equipment to sell online. First of all, they’re very lightweight, therefore easy and cheap to send in the post. And they’re a piece of equipment people can use in all stages of their exercise journey, from beginners to experts. They also come in a couple of different varieties, from the standard bands to those with handles.

Resistance bands also don’t require any technical support or knowledge. And they have no electrical component that could result in faults. All in all, provided you have a supplier who is shipping promptly, resistance bands carry a low risk of unhappy customers.

3. Mesh Dog or Baby Gate

I have to admit to being a little confused when I first saw this item appear. But I quickly realized that this is the perfect solution for people who are working from home and have kids or pets.

Sitting in the Home & Garden category, these mesh gates allow owners to keep their pets or small children restricted in where they can and can’t go. This is ideal for those who might not want any little creatures wandering in and out of Zoom calls – especially if they like to make noise.

Another aspect of this item that makes them an easy sell is that users can install them without any tools. After all, the easier that a customer can solve their problem, the better. This sort of ease of use is perfect to be shown off in a product video and used for ads or on the product page.

Additionally, this could be an excellent product to sell in multiples, enabling customers to block off many different areas in their homes.

4. Sunflower Pendant

While many products are newcomers to this list, this sunflower pendant from the Jewelry & Accessories category has been around for months.

It’s easy to see the appeal of this pendant. Not only is it cute, but the hidden message inside gives it that extra quirky little twist that instantly grabs buyers.

This is an item that is unlikely to be bought by someone for personal use. However, it’s the perfect gift. This is something that beginner dropshipper Ahmed Hadi did with his store. By concentrating on selling the emotion that comes with giving a gift rather than the product itself, Ahmed was able to scale his store to five figures in just one month.

5. Blue Light Glasses

Next, we have an item from the Apparel Accessories category. These glasses not only look good, but they allegedly help reduce eye strain caused by blue light as well.

Between computers, smartphones, and televisions, we seem to be spending a lot of time looking at screens, which is why it’s no surprise that this product has been so popular over the last month.

These glasses have already been popular for some time, but there’s no denying that they’ve become even more popular in recent weeks.

Even better is the fact that these glasses can be shipped from the US, significantly reducing shipping times for your customers.

6. Smartwatch

This smartwatch in the Consumer Electronics category has proven popular recently, and we can’t help but imagine it’s for the same reasons as resistance bands and Apple watch straps.

While this watch will give wearers the time, it’s real selling points are features such as the heart rate monitor, as well as the step, calorie, and distance counters. Potential buyers will love these features as they demonstrate that the watch has all the bells and whistles needed to support their active lifestyle.

7. Folding Fish Net

This folding automatic fishing net has been a trendy item from the Sports & Entertainment category. And I have to say, this is one product that I did not ever expect to see as a top seller, but here we are.

The idea of this product is that it expands in the water and traps the likes of fish, crab, shrimp, and minnow.

Available in many different sizes, the folding fishnet is a product that could appeal to fishers of all abilities, including hobby anglers who may have more leisure time on their hands at the moment.

Something else that probably works in this product’s favor is the time of year. We’re now coming into the warmer months, so people are likely looking forward to getting outside to nature. And, with international travel off the cards for many, activities such as camping and fishing now have more appeal.

Because this product is slightly unusual in how it works, a video or gif will best convey how to use it. Hook potential customers by showing them exactly how the item works and how simple it is.

8. Stretchy Silicone Lids

We’ve seen these stretchy silicone lids from the Home & Garden category appear in hot product lists before, and they’re still holding strong months later in April.

As a problem-solving product, these stretchy lids fix an issue many people have, and that’s precisely why they’re such big sellers.

With people cooking and eating from home more than ever before, there are bound to be more leftovers than usual, and that’s where these lids can help.

Because this product claims to be universal, use video or gifs to prove how accurate this is. Have fun shooting a video showing you covering different food items with the various shaped lids.

9. Power Washer Wand

Another strange product that might be explained by both the lockdowns and the season is this power washer wand in the Home & Garden category.

With temperatures starting to rise, people are beginning to start on those outdoor maintenance jobs they’ve been putting off since November. Not only that, but they’re probably more motivated than ever to do a little DIY around the home due to the increased amount of time they’re spending there.

This product is a good one to show off in a video, especially as it comes with changeable nozzles for different types of spray.

You could easily target homeowners who have an interest in home improvement or DIY for this product and even cross-sell with complementary items to help during the spring cleaning season.

10. Mini Sealing Machine

Another item proving the Home & Garden category is a hotbed of winning products is this mini sealing machine.

Powered by AA batteries, this colorful little appliance quickly heats up and then seals any plastic edge.

This product can be easily sold as a problem-solving item, providing a way to close bags of food, which prevents spills and food spoilage. Its colorful design also makes it instantly attractive to buyers. After all, why do kitchen appliances need to look boring?

11. Glass Pendants

Leaving home and garden supplies for a moment, these beautiful glass pendants have become big sellers in the Jewelry & Accessories category.

Their colorful designs make these necklaces instantly appealing. And with various designs to pick from, you could either sell many different types of pendants or focus solely on one type.

Pendants like these are real statement pieces, providing the finishing touch to an outfit. Marketing these necklaces as gorgeous attention-grabbers will surely intrigue customers.

This is the type of product that would benefit from high-quality images. Ideally, you’ll want a picture of someone wearing the pendant, as well as a close up that allows shoppers to see the detail.

12. Pet Hair Washing Machine Collector

If you had pets, then you’ll know how difficult it can be to keep their fur off your clothing. That’s where these little contraptions are useful.

These sturdy pet hair collectors collect pet hair caught in clothing during the wash cycle. The collectors are flexible, so the washing machine isn’t damaged. And its sticky material quickly collects the fur. And they even come in a cute paw print shape, so there’s no mistaking exactly what they’re for.

This product is perfect for targeting pet owners, and using before and after pictures would be a fantastic way to show how useful they are.

13. Initial Pendants

Another hot seller are these beautiful initial pendants in the Jewelry & Accessories category. Personalization is huge at the moment, and these initial pendants are a kind of entry-level customization.

There is plenty of variety in this category. You can opt for simple and sweet, such as an initial with a small heart charm, or go big and bold with multicolored gems.

Jewelry & Accessories is one of those categories that sell vast quantities of items, and marketing items as a gift or a treat for the purchaser is simple. Make sure you get high-quality photos of the product to best display them on your product pages and in ads.

14. Selfie Ring Light

We saw LED lights for shooting videos at the top of this list, and now coming in from the Phones & Telecommunications category is this tool for taking the perfect selfie.

With everyone keen to get the perfectly lit shot, it’s no surprise that this selfie ring light has been selling in such large numbers. The product is incredibly easy to install on any phone. It comes in just one size so customers don’t need to find a specific model for their phone. The hardest choice a customer will have to make is choosing which color they want.

This product can also be posted from a variety of countries, including the United States and within the EU, which helps ensure fast shipping. As for advertising, taking photos with and without this item to demonstrate the difference would be a great way to show how useful it is.

15. Anti-Splash Tap Head

Small but mighty, this little nozzle has been a big seller over the last four weeks. It works as an attachment that screws to your kitchen tap to reduce splashing and conserve water.

The product probably appeals for a couple of reasons. Firstly it helps to save water, which is always good, and secondly, it has different settings. Buyers can use the pulse setting to blast some unwanted dirt and grime off dishes or food or use the shower setting to rinse vegetables. There’s also a combined setting allowing both.

The nozzle is also very easy to use as it screws onto your existing tap with no need for other tools. And to access the different settings, users only need to press a small switch.

This is an item that would be very good to show in videos. You could easily emphasize the anti-splash feature. Not to mention that finding a way to demonstrate the water saver feature would appeal to the environmentally-minded.

16. Makeup Bags

Although we mentioned that the Luggage & Bags category has seen negative YoY growth, these makeup bags have still proven to be super sellers over the last month.

It’s not hard to see why these bags are so popular. They’re bright and colorful, are generous in size, and are fun to use. Yes, the bags have a drawstring that quickly contains all items inside – definitely more fun than the average makeup bag.

Part of the reason that these bags have likely remained popular despite the travel slowdown is that people don’t need to be traveling to want to contain their makeup. This is great because you can advertise it without having to reference travel at all. Also, this is a fabulous product to promote with the help of beauty vloggers or influencers. You could even try out TikTok, as this is something that would work well in a short-form video.

17. Pet Beds

These adorable pet beds have been popular for some time and have continued to sell well over the last four weeks. The beds are so cozy and fluffy that it’s not hard to see the appeal. And, I imagine they’d be incredibly popular if they came in human size.

The beds tout many advantages to their design, which merchants have used as unique selling points. This has included supporting better sleep for your pets and their versatile design.

For merchants wanting to sell this product, it’s clear that you need to target people who absolutely love their household pets. Using pictures and videos of cats and dogs using the bed is a must, and using reviews to support the bed’s benefits would be smart.

18. Paint by Numbers

Paint by numbers kits are one of those items that just make sense at the moment. After all, what better time to take up a time-consuming new project than now?

These kits are great because there are such a wide variety to choose from, so as a merchant, you’re spoiled for choice. For example, your store could offer animal paint by numbers kits, or opt solely for flowers.

Alternatively, you could get into the customization game by allowing customers to order personalized kits using their photos. This type of item is perfect for marketing as a thoughtful gift for people to buy for artistic family members.

In marketing this product, you could try to capture the emotion of gift-giving, or perhaps the satisfaction of finishing an entire artwork. A time lapse of a painting’s progression would be a fantastic advertising asset. Or alternatively, a comparison between the kit and the art or photo it’s based on.

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