Does Your Product Have What it Takes to be a Hit on DRTV? Find Out Now!

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Launching a new product or service through DRTV can be both a risky and expensive process, but when it IS successful, tremendous revenue can be generated in a very short amount of time. With a 25-year track record of success, TVA Media Group has developed a specific protocol to distinguish those products we feel can be sold or promoted successful through a direct-to-consumer infomercial or spot … and those which will face a larger struggle to roll-out and scale successfully. It’s our proprietary DRTV Consumer Product Evaluation – or CPE.


We run your product through 15 unique industry evaluators, filtered through over 50 years of collective direct marketing experience. Based on the results of your evaluation, we can help you decide if Direct Response TV Marketing is right for you and your brand and, if so, how to improve your score, lower your risk, and improve your chances for success. The CPE is yours to keep, FREE, with no obligation!


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