A 28:30 infomercial that uses production/creative techniques derived from the traditional documentary form. These may include: on-camera spokesperson, live or taped interviews, multiple location shooting; voice over narrator, real people features — all interwoven into a seamless half hour. This format, like “60 Minutes” or “20/20,” is based on actuality, i.e. no fictional elements are presented unless denoted as “dramatizations.”

An important differentiator in this proposal is that our initial campaign will offer information through opinion leaders and accredited news personalities in primarily a News Feature format – a 20/20 or Dateline newsmagazine style – rather than through traditional HARD SELL advertising used in commercials, infomercials, and print / radio ads. Presenting information in an editorial news format has frequently proven to be several times more effective than traditional commercials or advertising.

TVA is a pioneer of the “documercial” and sponsored TV newsmagazine format, having produced such programs since 1986 – starring Mark Spitz, Tom Skerritt, James Earl Jones, Cliff Robertson, E. G. Marshall, Ringo Starr, Mariette Hartley, Michelle Kwan, and other notable celebrities.

Documercial Production

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