CTV and OTT Advertising: High Impact on Direct-Response Marketing

Direct Response TV (DRTV) advertising is a type of direct-response marketing that aims to elicit an immediate response from the intended audience. It is one of the most impactful marketing strategies in mass media. However, the industry faces a harsh reality, with traditional TV being crippled by various media recently coming out in the picture. It seems that streaming content via the internet is becoming the “new” television in our modern era.

Despite the drawbacks, the television industry continues to flourish amid the transition. Different types of direct-response television (DRTV) advertising advanced the ranks in media marketing without completely failing out traditional TV features.

What Is Traditional Linear TV?


Traditional TV includes terrestrial, cable, and satellite broadcast within its scope.

Before the internet, TV was the central entertainment platform for every home that has one. People used antennas and communication satellites to deliver television programming. It was the source of multiple networks or channels where shows were played, and in between them, commercials were broadcasted for a brand, product, or service advertising.

What Is Advanced TV / Connected TV / OTT?

Advanced TV mainly involves streaming content accessible via the internet and displayed on the TV. It’s part of the modernization of delivering TV programs and provide quality entertainment into our homes.

There are three basic features of advanced TV:

  • Connected/Smart TV: Smart TV devices have installed streaming apps that can be accessed through an internet connection. 
  • TV Everywhere: Cable channels allow access through other streaming devices to provide “TV everywhere.” Internet connection is required when used in other devices, and the cable channel should ask for the login credentials of the subscription account.
  • Video on Demand (VOD): VOD is on-demand TV and other video streaming content accessible through multiple devices. These are contents made available on the internet, which you can watch anywhere and anytime you want.

Media Buying For TV Advertising

Today, advertising on both traditional and advanced TV is effectively delivered through media buying. Media buying has been practiced even before advanced TV. But with the advancement brought about by modern TV technology, media buying is now widely used for advertising across all marketing platforms. Talk about mass media with targeted outreach!

Traditional TV ad buying used to have general targeting methods on marketing campaigns. Alternatively, media buying for advertising on traditional and advanced TV utilizes research data based on audience behavior. Potential customers can be tracked through viewership data, which suggests customer interests. Conclusively, media buying sources profitable TV advertising outlets, where appropriate market products will likely perform according to campaign goals.

Final Thoughts on Direct-Response TV Advertising

Mass media TV advertising has a general market that provides various avenues for advertisers to target a particular niche. It can be used for brand awareness, lead generation, and sales boost.

In direct-response marketing, identifying the most effective platform affects the success of the campaign goals. With a wide range of audiences, it can be challenging to manage advertising campaigns. However, if we leverage media buying for DRTV advertising, campaigns perform better at the right distribution channels, where we can target consumers who are also potential customers.

Ultimately, DRTV advertising equips advertisers to achieve the goals of the marketing campaign quickly and effectively.

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