Business World News, Health World News and Entertainment World News Now Sport New Look and Enhanced Functionality

TVA Media Group, Los Angeles-based producers of three nationally acclaimed TV news-magazines: Business World News, Health World News, and Entertainment World News, announced new .tv editions of all websites, according to CEO Jeffrey Goddard. The three corresponding .tv websites are interlinked with each other and are now under the originating parent company website too.

The individual websites were necessitated by the rapid growth of TVA Media Group’s original TV news-magazine, Business World News, which had logged hundreds of news productions to date under that banner.

“It was a logical development for TVA Media Group to begin narrow-casting some of our subject matter with the addition of companion news-magazines Health World News and Entertainment World News,” said Goddard, who also serves as executive producer for each of the shows. “Then, it only made sense that each news-magazine should have its own .tv website for enhanced client interactivity and general promotional and informational purposes.”

Each of the new .tv websites shares a common design aesthetic in layout, color, and functionality. Various shades of blue have been used in a pleasing, easy-on-the-eyes manner. Navigation throughout each site has been streamlined and duplicated for a seamless interface. Interactivity has been enhanced through the use of pop-up windows that allow the user to maintain their primary URL base page connection while exploring various threads of information.

“We are especially pleased with the auto-generated reply function we have in each website’s story submission section now,” added Goddard. “It has greatly accelerated our time frame for addressing new story material—and our potential clients appreciate the rapid feedback they receive notifying them of the story review process they have just commenced.”

Business World News presents current trends or issues by focusing on up to five non-competing organizations worldwide offering the best solutions. Each show takes viewers on location and behind closed doors to provide insight into corporate decisions to remain innovative and competitive. Health World News follows a similar format, focusing on health issues and the latest in contemporary treatments, medications and procedures. Entertainment World News provides in-depth news coverage on the hottest entertainment companies and their films, TV, music, books, software, and video games.

TVA Media Group is one of the top producers of television programming services in the country. Located in the heart of the world’s largest production community of Los Angeles, TVA Media Group has been in operation for over 26 years. Boasting cutting edge production facilities, a seasoned staff of news and marketing professionals, and distribution resources for worldwide delivery, TVA has developed a number of nationally acclaimed shows in the ever-popular News-magazine format that deliver the latest information on business, health and entertainment in a fresh, insightful manner. They include “Business World News,” “Health World News,” “Entertainment World News,” “New Entrepreneur,” and a new TV series for PBS, “Healthy Living.”

“TVA Media Group is the one of the most successful, privately owned, full-service DRTV Media Buying Agencies and Infomercial Production Companies of it kind. We have hundreds of references and case studies, covering over 30 categories, which prove our track record of success,” says Goddard.

TVA Media Group is also one of the top infomercial production companies and media buying agencies. With all these services under one roof, TVA Media Group is managing their rapid growth to provide unique complete media campaign services for their clients world-wide.

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