Blended Media: Combining Paid and Earned Media to Deliver your Message to Millions.

Most infomercial producers or DRTV production companies only create infomercials or DRTV productions.

Today’s audiences are more fragmented than ever, so it can be risky and expensive to put all your eggs in just one marketing basket. To deliver your message successfully, you must reach your customers wherever they are. By leveraging the strength of free “earned” media (TV and news features, talk show interviews, social media, etc.) in addition to your paid advertising, you can expand your reach, minimize your risk, and supercharge your Infomercial or DRTV marketing. Our turnkey MediaBlitz!® packages save you the time, the risk and the hassle of doing this on your own, often for LESS than what you’d pay elsewhere for just an infomercial – and nothing more.

Blended Media Targeted Steps

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