Top Infomercial Companies to Scale Your Business

Top Infomercial Companies

The content from top infomercial companies will tell a story while encouraging consumers to act. An infomercial is basically a commercial that is very similar in appearance to a news program, talk show, or other non-advertising program content. Its sole purpose, however, is to drive the viewer to a specific action, often the purchase of a product or service. It can also be used to drive leads for subsequent follow-up.

Types Of Infomercials

Here are the most common infomercial production company formats, costs, and solutions:

Documercial – Style

TVA is a pioneer of the “Documercial” and TV news magazine format, having produced such specifically formatted programs since 1986 – including ones starring Mark Spitz, Tom Skitter, James Earl Jones, Cliff Robertson, E. G. Marshall, Ringo Starr, Mariette Hartley, Michelle Kwan, and other notable celebrities


Our news feature style combines the appearance of a documentary movie with the objectives of a commercial (referred to by some as a “documercial”). The result is a documentary-like show that sells a product, service, or lifestyle, but with an informative, classy, and soft-sell approach. There’s no hard-sell “slicing” or “dicing” here (unlike what is often found in more traditional infomercial formats).

Long Form

TVA has found that to effectively move an audience to action, long-form commercials must possess a strong story line, top-level talent, and high production values. This is why our infomercials have a smoother, more polished, movie-like finish. By their very nature, they are designed to methodically overcome an increasingly cynical and wary audience.

Infomercial Production Company Approach

Unlike most TV spots and infomercials which are usually hard sell and appeal to the lowest common denominator, our programs use an intelligent, informative, soft-sell approach. A soft-sell appeals strongly to today’s sophisticated consumers, who are much more suspicious and less receptive to the standard, formulaic, testimonial-driven, talking-head approach taken in most traditional infomercials.

How Infomercials Can Scale Your Product

Infomercials are designed to make any product or service sound enticing to the viewer and motivate them to act. Each has an effective pitch about how your brand solves a problem.

The infomercial market for TV advertising is at least $150 billion, with an ROI being higher than advertisement that lacks direct marketing. While the product revenue will not increase overnight, you can provide infomercial wares at a higher price then you would in retail.

You must prepare for scaling your product with promising infomercial ROI; companies need to have stock prepared as well as the paperwork needed for orders. It probably will not happen overnight; nevertheless, accounting for the possibility works. Once you increase your revenue, then you can focus on accounting for increasing production costs as well.

Refine Your Response Television With TVA Media

This level of work also explains why, when TVA entered five samples of our work in the National Telly Awards, we walked away with five major awards. By creating electronic media that combines sight, sound, motion, and emotion — we turn our client’s vision into visuals and images into income. Having the world’s largest production studio in our backyard with 34 sound stages and 33 back lot filming locations also helps us to give our clients a competitive edge.

Learn more now about our unique infomercial solutions and our Blended Media programs that bring your message to the broadest audience possible. Reach out and see for yourself why we are unlike any other infomercial production company that you’ll find.

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