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Turbo Tax approached our media buyers seeking to complement their Brand  campaign, which was successful airing 30’s and 15’s, with additional cost-  effective media to drive growth. Research indicated that more could be done  to show “how TurboTax works.”

Why DRTV ?

Turbo Tax had a strong belief that DRTV could  generate incremental sales with low media costs.  Deeper messaging through 120s and 60s can be  leveraged to further educate the consumer. A  strong call-to-action to the website drives home the  message.


  • Deemed a hybrid “Brand Response” campaign,  brand guidelines were referenced in production of  the creative. Three concepts were tested online  before launching the winner for the short seasonal  window.
  • By testing in local markets and comparing TV  markets to control markets, measurement was  visible at the marketing channel level.
  • Match Market test was conducted across 7 DMAs for  a 9-wk flight. Airtime was purchased across all  dayparts with show specific programming in Good  Morning America, Today Show, and Noon News.


  • Retail sales increased by 7% vs. the control markets and the campaign delivered a​ 1.9 MER. As a result, the campaign was extended through April 15th, the end of tax​ season. The DRTV campaign was rolled out nationally.​
  • DRTV was proven to be an effective lever in driving cost effective online sales and a​ powerful tool for “deeper messaging”.​

DRTV TRP efficiencies of the test            The 7 markets that showed presence utilizing  DRTV showed a                vs a traditional​“Brand” buy.​                       significant lift in online sales, vs.  the 7 markets that did not.


Does Your Product Have What It Takes for DRTV Success?