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  • Stone Street Capital was experiencing a significant increase in their cost per qualified lead over an  18-month period.
  • Due to the nature of their business, they were essentially looking for a “needle in the haystack”
  • when it came to qualified leads.
  • While they were seeing some stress in their Paid Search efforts, TV was where they were having
  • the hardest time finding those needles and driving the volume they were accustomed to.


Structured Settlement Cash        Lottery Lump Sum Cash          Annuity Cash Out Option


Our media buyers delivered a 15% lower  bottom-line CPQL over the first 3  months of the campaign, with Paid  Search driving a 32% CPQL  improvement.

TV budgets were doubled during the 6th  month of the campaign as efficient  volume was established in both  historically proven media and new areas  of opportunity.


  • Following several rounds of fact-finding and integration exercises, Stone Street Capital agreed to  transition their Paid Search and TV campaigns to our team prior to their peak season.
  • From day one, our team was able to save money on Stone Street Capital’s existing TV media  buy due to our ability to secure lower rates on media that was proven to deliver positive results.
  • Our media buyers conducted competitive and look-a-like market research to identify new syndicated TV  properties that Stone Street Capital had not considered in the past, thereby increasing their pool of  leads.
  • In addition, our buyers ransitioned the existing AdWords Paid Search account and implemented  a best-practice approach with a focus on improving the account Quality Score while making  incremental changes meant to gauge overall impact week-to-week
  • Initial Paid Search optimizations included
  • Segmentation of 20% of keywords responsible for 80% of volume into distinct ad groups with unique  ad copy and landing pages
  • 12-month historical keyword assessment that resulted in the pausing or the refinement of query  types of several keywords to ensure the highest relevance

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