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Elective Medical Lead Generation


  • Sonobello operates surgical body contouring clinics is 17 cities across the US.
  • Prior to partnering with our media buyers, their marketing efforts consisted solely of local radio.  They had reached a point of diminishing returns and approached our buyers about implementing a television campaign to further grow their centers.


  • Because the clinics were already staffed and operational, the new TV campaign would have to drive consistent lead and appointment volume in each market, while still adhering to strict performance metrics.
  • Call Center and Surgical Center staffing was based on lead volume projections, and therefore, accurate media expenditure and performance forecasts were critical.


  • By working closely with station reps during the planning process of the campaign, our media buyers were able to structure a more “program specific” media buying approach for the short form portion of the campaign, ensuring placement in high profile programs such as Extra, Ellen, and Access Hollywood, all at DR rates.
  • Our buyers were able to gain significant insights into the lead funnel conversion points specific to Sonobello.  We then applied our own knowledge and experience to this data, to produce lead volume projections for each center.


  • After initial testing, the majority of the budget was shifted to Short Form, using a combination of rotations and specific programs.  This decision was based on the diminishing performance of the Long Form campaign.
  • Because the conversion from Lead to Sale was almost 3 times higher among Leads that were driven online (as opposed to the call center), our buyers implemented creative changes to the Short Form show that more effectively drove customers to the website, instead of the 800#.  This dramatically reduced the campaign’s Cost per Sale.
  • The success of the DRTV Lead Generation campaign led Sonobello to expand from 10 cities to 17, in less than 2 years.

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