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In order to tap into the 25 million readers of Suzanne Somers’ books, Everyday  Health licensed the name,
Sexy Forever, to create the  companion website for weight loss.


Create awareness and generate immediate leads at for the  purpose of converting leads to weekly subscription on the website. The goal  was to generate 25,000 subscriptions in 6 months.


Female  Over 40, Baby Boomers


Find the target audience in a down economy to spend $9/week on weight loss  information.   The commercial needed to drive to web, but additional assets  were needed to maintain engagement on site. As with the industry standard,  the longer the page view the higher the conversions.


Create a fully integrated TV/Online/Social Media campaign that celebrates “being over  40” with Suzanne Somers who celebrates being “over 60”. Her sincere support to be  “with you every step of the way”    was reinforced with her message continuing in a  video overlay on the website that leads new subscribers through the conversion funnel.  Additional integration was supported by Facebook Ads that drove targeted ads to  “Like” and become a Fan of Suzanne Somers on her Facebook Page.


Free newsletter trial.


  • The most successful launch by Everyday Health ever (over Jillian Michaels, South Beach  Diet & What To Expect)
  • Hit 25,000 subscriptions by end of May (2 months earlier than goal)
  • Went from 12,000 fans to 157,000 fans in 7 months adding over 20,000 fans per month.
  • Side Effect: Online (Facebook Ads) and PR was dark for first 3 weeks of TV campaign. The astonishing
    result: the book, Sexy Forever, hit #17 on NY Times Best Seller list only  in brick & mortar… Not a blip on! (Then hit #1 a week later when Online/  PR kicked in.)

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