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  • Safe Step Walk-In Tubs  are one of America’s leading easy step-in tub providers.
  • Safe Step began marketing their tubs through a DRTV  campaign targeting seniors.
  • Safe Step were only using print and digital prior to engaging our media buyers to strategize and implement a DRTV  campaign.
  • Safe Step wanted to start a DRTV  campaign to compliment their other programs while maintaining  their marketing cost percentage.​​


  • TVA’s media buyers developed a series of innovative media buys inside senior related networks &​programming.​
  • They negotiated a quarterly media package on Price is Right that gave Safe Step the mass  audience exposure it had longed for, and to establish itself in the senior space and achieve its marketing cost goals. The package also allowed them to purchase media rates that were lower than traditional TV rates.
  • Our buyers also bought senior targeted programming on networks  such as, TV Land, WGN, & BBC     along with satellite TV   networks,  which were more effective in hitting their desired  audience.
  • Our buyer’s comprehensive DRTV media implementations helped Safe Step maintain their marketing cost percentage while scaling their business.

Safe Step YOY  Results

Media spend increased from Year 1  to Year 3 by 2x  while the marketing  cost remained at its desired goal  from year 1.



Q1 spend increased year over year  by 19%, while marketing cost  remained flat.            

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