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Baby Boomer/Senior Lead Generation


  • Simplex Healthcare is a diabetic supply company targeting the 55+ market. They utilize a direct to consumer approach for marketing diabetic supply products.
  • Prior to partnering with TVA’s media buyers, their marketing efforts consisted of a per inquiry model, in which their previous agency was compensated solely on placed orders.
  • This approach limited the reach of the   media, as specific audiences and population​segments could not be properly targeted.​


  • TVA’s media buyers identified the limitations of the per inquiry approach and instituted a complete overhaul and expansion of Simplex Healthcare’s entire marketing approach.
  • Although per inquiry remained an element of the overall campaign, a more profitable  cash-based media buying strategy was implemented, which allowed the Simplex brand  to rapidly evolve and expand their customer base.
  • In addition, TVA’s media buyers worked closely with the Simplex call center in order to streamline the operator script and increase the call center conversion rate by 11%.

Capitalize on Opportunities

  • TVA’s media buyers determined that a major Simplex competitor had temporarily paused their  media efforts.
  • TVA’s media buyers were able to capitalize on the newly available syndicated and national  inventory, which is ordinarily sold at a premium.
  • As a result, the competitor was unable to reacquire the valuable time slots when their
  • campaign was reinstated.
  • This tactic enabled TVA’s media buyers to secure a significant marketplace advantage for Simplex.

Determining Success

  • TVA’s media buyers implemented a highly effective and efficient DRTV media campaign directed  at a targeted 55+ audience, utilizing all television media outlets, including network and local  broadcast, national cable, syndication and per inquiry,
  • TVA’s media buyers successfully developed an ongoing media campaign which continues to grow  and has lowered the overall Cost Per Qualified Lead by 40% in the last 13 months.
  • Working as their direct marketing partner, TVA’s media buyers has helped grow Simplex from a  start-up to the 2nd largest diabetic supply company in the U.S.

Case Studies & References

By  implementing a more effectivcash  buy  supplemented by per inquiry  media, TVA’s media buyers were able to increase Simplex’s media presence by 38%

By  implementing a more effective cash  buy  supplemented by per inquiry  media, TVA’s media buyers were able to increase Simplex’s media presence by 38%

As a result of TVA’s media buyers’ ability to target the most qualified  respondents, combined with our  ability to work closely with the call  center to streamline scripts,  conversion increased by 11%

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