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PureSleep Case Study


  • PureSleep has been a leading stop snoring mouthpiece device​ marketer over the past  decade.
  • With healthy DRTV budgets, PureSleep was driving a relatively high level of online traffic, but not fully converting it into sales with their under-optimized Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaign.
  • PureSleep came to TVA’s media buyers because they needed a firm that  could more effectively manage their DRTV campaign and take their  search campaign results to the next level.


  • TVA’s media buyers were able to increase the level of web visitors​ from the DRTV campaign.​
  • TVA’s media buyers restructured, expanded, and fully optimized the  PPC campaign to capture both branded and non-branded  keyword search volume.
  • TVA’s media buyers continued the messaging of PureSleep’s offline​ DRTV campaign into their online PPC  campaign.
  • As a result, TVA’s media buyers were able to increase the PPC  spend  by 500%  while maintaining a profitable Cost-Per-Conversion.38

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