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Peticure Case Study


  • A company which had developed a new pet care product contacted our media buyers to build, launch and manage their direct response media campaign.

Next Steps

  • Our buyers developed a flexible and scalable direct response media plan which would  allow for maximum exposure and enable Peticure to make a major national push to become  the leader in their category. Due to the overwhelming initial success, within 3 weeks the  media budgets had grown exponentially. However, due to our team’s foresight to build a  plan which allowed for rapid expansion, they were able to capitalize on the success and quickly and effectively ramp up the media budgets without a experiencing any negative effects on  the ROI.

Protect Market Share

  • Within 6 months several competitors or “knock-offs” had entered into the market and were attempting to compete for market share. In an effort to combat this and retain our client’s status as the category leader, our buyers negotiated product exclusive buys on important networks, including Animal  Planet , which effectively blocked the competition from utilizing these networks.
  • Unorthodox methods, and efficient media management allowed Peticure to become one of the most profitable direct response pet care products of the last decade.

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