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Personal Capital approached our media buyers to launch their TV campaign with goals  to achieve cost efficient incremental leads. Through extensive research of their  target audience and negotiated rates, our buyers were able to produce a media  plan that captured their key demographic with efficiency and scale. This approach layered on Personal Capital’s natural seasonality generated immediate success through DRTV.”


In the first quarter on air, the Cost Per Lead generated was well
the target for efficiency.  As the first year continued, the investment followed the flow of seasonality Personal Capital’s                              business, peaking again in fourth quarter. CPL metrics gained
efficiency the optimization
cycle  continued.
From Q1 to Q4, spend decreased 7% and CPL
improved by 20%.

The massive success in year one lead Personal Capital’s investors to dedicate increased funds to TV for upcoming years to capitalize on proven strategies.

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Personal Capital

  • As Personal Capital evolved over time, our buyers worked closely  with the Personal Capital marketing team to collaborate on goals to scale  the business and maintain efficiency. In the third year, a  4-pillar approach was introduced to guide the campaign as
    scalability and  efficiency became equal priorities.
  • Year over year, Personal Capital continued to scale while maintaining
    CPL  efficiency. As Reach and Frequency goals were set in Year 3,
    the campaign  media mix began to adjust to achieve these goals. In Year 4, high reach  media was introduced to cater to brand awareness and audience  targeting.

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