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Case Study – Great Healthworks


Great HealthWorks is one of the largest vertically integrated direct-to-consumer companies in the United States, dedicated to delivering  quality health and wellness products. The company’s cornerstone product, OmegaXL, is a patented, all-natural product, providing relief  from pain due to inflammation


  • Building the Omega XL brand.
  • Effectively reaching target demo (baby boomers) and enrolling them into a monthly continuity plan where they are shipped Omega XL  on an ongoing basis.
  • Gaining market share versus traditional Big Pharma pain relievers.

Our Solution

Launched direct-to-consumer media test in long form using “talking heads” creative. Utilized Larry King as the spokesman for added  credibility to the creative and product. Tested a combination of national, regional, and local media in specific media properties where  historically we find baby boomers with joint pain.


  • Media budgets grew to upwards of $500k per week in the US alone. Successfully enlisting hundreds of thousands of customers into  the continuity plan.
  • Our media buyers successfully expanded the media buy into Canada months later.
  • year later our team introduced and implemented Hispanic media into the infomercial campaign, which in turn added an additional 35%  lift in total weekly revenue in an entirely new audience / market.
  • Ancillary benefits, client has seen significant lift in their digital efforts across SEO, SEM, and social.
  • Clients see a customer retention rate of 4-6 monthly continuity cycles.

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