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OTT For E-Commerce


A leading e-commerce brand was eager to tap into the OTT/CTV space to reach the younger generations that they were unable to reach with TV and social media campaigns. High CPM’s and cost of entry make these platforms a challenge for many brands to succeed. Our clients were among the first D2C TV brands to successfully move into the streaming OTT/CTV space


Our media team deployed a high-impact OTT campaign by leveraging contextual targeting with 3rd party audience segments comprised of users that were in-market for the category. Other considerations such as geolocation, popular networks, and devices with strong visit rates were also incorporated into the campaign’s targeting methodology and optimized during the campaign. All previous site visitors from the past 36 months were then excluded to ensure the campaign would only reach a new audience. The campaign was then served across CTV and OTT publishers


By moving the client into a new space to reach the audience that they were unable to reach through our linear TV efforts we were able to find a new profitable revenue stream for the brand whilst introducing them to a whole new demographic.

“We have worked with {TVA’s media buyer} for years and the team has proven to have the qualities that are important for purchasing TV media: experience, relationships within the media and marketing shrewdness. They grew our short form TV over 2 times in a 2-year period and took our campaign into the OTT space making the brand one of the first D2C successes on OTT.”

— Chad Davis, Marketing Director, Customer Acquisitions PHE

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