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Case Studies & References

:120 DRTV Spot

After retaining TVA, sales jumped from $125,000 to $8 Million and helped land a deal with Walmart​​

Client Satisfaction Survey received from Marz Sprays:

Why did you choose TVA? Because we liked you   
What are some things you like most about us?  
  Seemed like “real people” 
How would you rate us  compared with other companies you’ve used in the past? Significantly  better. Much more thorough and experienced

Overall, how would you rate our performance? 10.0  
Did we go above and beyond what was promised in the contract? YOU DID!
Would you consider hiring us again? Absolutely  
Would you recommend us to others?   Yes
Which one competitor do you like the most besides us? You be the best!!!

Additional comments:  It is a pleasure dealing with people that have an ethical responsibility to their clients…

Dr. Keith Marz 

Brandon Marz

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