Client : Curlsmith

Main Objectives

Increase brand awareness as well as generate voluminous amounts of web traffic to the Curlsmith landing page and foot traffic to retail partners in order to produce an overwhelming amount of Curlsmith orders and new customers via an impactful brand response television campaign.

Target Audience

Affluent American women who buy premium haircare products ($20-30/unit) and have textured hair. All ages,ethnicities and hair types beyond straight are in scope – with a bulls-eye focus on 25-44s with curly hair (target 1). This woman may be buying competitor curl brands (target 1), but doesn’t feel she’s found the ‘holy grail.’ Given that she’s not discovered Curlsmith yet, she may not shop the texture category, shop at Ulta or actively seek out curl care advice on social media. So it’s time we bring Curlsmith to her.

Our team used traditional SWOT analysis as a creative compass in order to quickly verify that creative development stays on point. In fact, this SWOT analysis was often referred to throughout all phases of production to continually preserve campaign objectives.


• Instant Wow – Immediate results w/ 4-Step system
• Performance- 5-star professional grade hair products
• Texture specialists – 4 luxury hair care lines for curly to wavy
• Healthier – Curl loving superfoods
• w/o silicones, sulphates, parabens or drying alcohols
• Real – Real people and real results in our advertising
• Support – Curl Quiz to address your specific hair needs


• Capitalize on the plethora of amazing curly hair results
• Leverage social media real people endorsements
• Highlight clean ingredients
• Focus on personalized solutions for every type of curl
• Emphasize access to Curl Consultants
• Feature efficacy of Curl Quiz


• Low brand awareness
• Brand awareness scale up limited to social network adverts
• Both discount + premium options have higher search results
• Cluttered category landscape
• Spotty online (unaided) reviews
• Catalog approach = challenging response paradigm


• Very crowded advertising clutter in category
• Failure to differentiate Curlsmith from competitors
• Failure to capture imagery worthy of the price
• Failure to generate disruptive creative
• Lack of traditional DRTV reach & frequency


Why did you choose TVA?
We originally talked to 3 agencies. TVA plus one other both engaged straight away, thinking about the brief and throwing out ideas. TVA won it due to the passion they showed and the concept areas presented at pitch stage.
How would you rate us compared with other companies you’ve used in the past?
Significantly better
Overall, how would you rate our overall performance? Scale 1-10 (10 being the best) 10
Overall, how would you rate the performance of our creative team? Scale 1-10 (10 being the best) 10
Overall, how would you rate the performance of our production team? Scale 1-10 (10 being the best) 10
Overall, how would you rate the performance of our facilities and equipment used? Scale 1-10 (10 beingthe best) 10
What did you like most about working with us?
Your creativity but also pragmatic nature when we raised concerns or alterations.
You very quickly got the brand and what we were trying to achieve. The production team were fantastic in pre-pro and particularly on site.
What did you like least about working with us?
The cost! However, to be fair, given the amount of work that went into it and what I’ve paid in the past at other companies,I can’t criticize.
Would you consider hiring us again? Yes,without a doubt
May we mention your name as areference? Yes

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