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A CBD company looking to be come the 1st brand on national TV approached us to find a way to break into the market. At the time there had been no CBD clients on air in the US and there was a lack of education and information on the benefits of CBD. Furthermore the client needed to find a way to track online sales back to offline efforts on a website that already had substantial traffic from other mediums


Our media team worked with the client to define the most compelling aspects of CBD and the benefits that would resonate with viewers. We worked with several creative groups to devise a creative that both educated the viewer and drove viewers to the site to purchase. We also worked to find an efficient way to attribute online activity back to offline media placements in order to optimize schedules.


By creating a unique creative and working with top station groups we were able to gain approvals on some of the largest networks on national cable. We also teamed up with 3rd party analytics team, Quality Analytics IO, to ensure we could optimize the campaign. This approach allowed the client to scale the brand beyond what they were able to do through social and digital efforts and generate new, and profitable, revenue stream whilst putting the brand in front of millions of US viewers

          60,000+ attributed site visits

        30,000+ Attributed orders

        $250,000+ in directly attributed sales

The combination best in class attribution and strong network relationships we were able to generate a successful test campaign which generated a strong ROI for the client

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