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Lead generation

In-bound traffic case study​

An established New York City law firm wanted to generate new prominent leads and reach larger audience. Within 90-days TVA’s buyers executed an SEO strategy that resulted in higher quantity and quality organic web traffic,
increased call volume via television and Google PPC, and tremendously impacted the firm’s bottom line.

Our buyers implemented a full-stack campaign that integrated with the client’s systems, allowing for optimum
tracking and data analytics. As result of seamless integration  and systems management, our team is still
their trusted advertising partner nearly two years later.

The Outcome

Our Strategies

  • English Spanish Cable and Broadcast Television
  • Google Ads
  • YouTube
  • SEO
  • Conversion Rate Optimization

Increased revenue and transactionsRetail e-commerce case study

  • A top-tier online jeweler needed to activate a 6 month TV  campaign that would reach a national audience, drive consumers to their website, and directly affect their bottom line with increased e-commerce transactions.
  • Our team leveraged its unparalleled rate structure and decades of​ experience to purchase media with premium networks at a fraction of the cost.
  • Within weeks of the commercial airing, our team was able to decrease cost per clicks on average by 18%, increase the click through rates by 17%, and increase branded search term clicks by 35%.

The Outcome


Our Strategies

  • National Strategic Media Buying
  • Drive new users into the website so that we could follow up  with robust re-marketing campaigns
  • Cable, Broadcast, and Streaming Television

Tax Support Group case study

  • An established national tax relief settlement partnered with our buyers to generate  new prominent leads and reach a larger audience. Within 90-days our team executed a paid media strategy that resulted in increased call volume utilizing television, radio, and Google PPC – this tremendously impacted the company’s bottom line.
  • Our buyers implemented full-stack campaign that integrated with the client’s systems,  allowing for optimum tracking and data analytics. As a result of seamless integration and systems management, our team is still their trusted advertising partner nearly five years later.

The Outcome


Our Strategies

  • English Cable and Broadcast Television
  • Google Ads
  • Radio
  • Conversion Rate Optimization

Increased web traffic

Retail e-commerce case study

cutting-edge health care company that specializes in creating ultraviolet products that combat the spread of
infectious diseases was looking to broaden its audience and build brand awareness. 

TVA’s media buyers developed a strategy to increase brand recognition and drive consumers to their website.

The Outcome


Our Strategies

  • Media Buying
  • Demographic Targeting
  • Television and Radio
  • Paid Social

Increased new users

Subscription based case study

Established software company in the consumer and identity protection space needed to build brand awareness and expand into new advertising channels.

Primary KPIs included return on ad spend, an increase in annual consumer subscriptions, and increased engagement within community users.

The Outcome


Our Strategies

  • Media Buying
  • National and Demographic Targeting
  • Cable and Broadcast TV
  • Streaming TV / OTT
  • Display Remarketing to Commercial Viewers

Proven Performance & Greater Profitability

  • Willing to cover / share half of the costs of the package in exchange for a SMALL commission on direct sales
  • Production costs much lower than competition with 30k sq ft studio, pre-built sets, 9000+  sq ft homes, 60’ x 30’ green screen, six HD cameras…
  • Proven Success Targeting your Customer Demographic 
  • Generate a 20%-40% Better ROI than our Best Competitors  (Never lost a Head to Head Test) 
  • More DRTV Experience and Success
  • Our Size is Direct Reflection of our Clients’ Success 
  • 30+ years of Proven DRTV Performance & Over $6B of Proprietary DRTV Results 
  • Constant DRTV Media Presence – Over $780 million in annual DRTV “Know-How” 
  • Lower Media Rates and Access to Top Performing Networks / Dayparts
  • Aggressive & Results Driven – Always Looking for Opportunities to Grow Your Business 
  • Innovative & Cutting-Edge Media Strategies- Fueled by Research, the Most Robust DRTV Database in the Industry, & Buying Power 
  • Continuous Optimization- Proactive Analysis of the Media & “Daily” Buy Management 
  • 100% Accountable – Live to Exceed Your Goals 
  • Completely Transparent for a True Strategic Partnership
  • Bottom Line: We will maximize every single marketing dollar you allocate to your DRTV campaign – Your Business will “NET” more with us!

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