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DRTV Drive to Web


  • Due to the large volume of existing traffic to the WebMD website, it was imperative that any new media produce a large, and most importantly a measurable effect on the visits to the site and specifically to the new test module.
  • We developed a comprehensive, dynamic media strategy tailored specifically to reach both existing visitors and also to tap a new audience.   
  • An intense media campaign was initiated, anchored by highly targeted national cable networks, along  with select, high profile local broadcast markets .
  • Utilized a “bookend” media placement approach to further increase response.
  • In addition, we leveraged the immense CPM efficiencies of specific syndicated opportunities, in order to expand WebMD’s presence to a broader audience.
  • In the final analysis, at the completion of the media push, we had delivered a Cost Per Complete which was 8% lower than the target goal. 


  • WebMD  launched a new Health Check test on their existing website.  We were contracted to design and implement an aggressive media plan which would drive new visitors, as well as inform frequent visitors that the new Health Check test was available.  The ultimate goal was to drive visitors to the Health Check test to complete the accompanying survey.  WebMD set ambitious Cost Per Completed Survey goals for this project.

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