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The Ask:

MTailor approached our media buyers, looking to test TV  to understand if the channel could provide volume
at an efficient level.

The Approach:

Test-and-learn approach involved single  creative for TV, with modest test  budget.

The Challenge

  • Identify the most optimal Station and  Daypart mix within a relatively short  amount of time.
  • Understand how the creative was  impacting the potential of the campaign,  given the lack of marketing research​ that went into the production of the TV  spot.​
  • Develop an acquisition model to ensure  product goals are within an acceptable  range for production planning.

Initial Results

  • Results were less than expected,  however there were some wide gaps in  the media mix between the individual  successes and failures.
  • Initial Media Efficiency Ratio (MER) was  just below breakeven for the first 6  weeks of the campaign.


The Solution

  • Making specific adjustments to the  hours the media was airing, on a station-  by-station basis, helped to rapidly  improve performance.
  • Developing a more aggressive system of  lower bids created a volatile weekly  clearance environment, however the  bottom-line was improving because of  the overall lower CPM’s.
  • New creatives were tested that built  upon the feedback and learnings the  client received during the initial test.

Optimized Results

  • MER achieved positive return by week 2  of the rollout, with individual successes  outnumbering the failures nearly 3:1.
  • Budgets were increased rapidly during  the next 7 months, with seasonality  curves being applied to both the  category and the media calendar.
  • Mtailor has continued with TV  as  component of their media mix, almost  continuously since the initial rollout.

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