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Daily Burn Case Study

  • Background/Problem 
  • Daily Burn was a new exercise programmed developed to deliver an intense yet simple and easy to adhere to work out regiment. 
  • Although Daily Burn is a property of the IAC conglomerate (Match.com, Ourtime,com), the new startup division had only modest budgets.
  • In addition, this space was almost completely dominated by a few key players – P90X, Insanity Workout for example.
  • Daily Burn turned to our media buyers in order to develop a media campaign that would embrace their 100% drive to web strategy, and allow them to compete in this highly contested space.
  • Solution
  • Our media buyers developed a dynamic media plan which would efficiently test multiple audience demos while also maximizing CPM delivery.
  • After first round of testing, our media buyers were able to determine that this product appealed to both the female and male respondents and also pinpointed specific networks and dayparts which were moving the needle in a positive direction.
  • After adjustments and optimizations were implemented, the Daily Burn campaign rolled out at substantially higher budget levels than anticipated while also delivering a CPR, 23% lower than that of the initial test.
  • Today, Daily Burn continues to grow, and has launched the second generation of their product known as Inferno.

Case Studies & References

  • Observation/Learning
  • During testing phase, utilizing the station weighting model, our media buyers were able to determine which networks, days, programming and dayparts were having the largest impact and delivering the most efficient CPR (Cost Per Registration).  
  • Adjustments/Optimization
  • Adjusted spending to pinpoint the Prime, Early Fringe and weekend dayparts.
  • Adjusted programming mix to include a more balance mix of Male and Female targeted programming.
  • Determined that Friday consistently did not deliver, and was eliminated form media schedules.\
  • Results
  • CPR is 23% lower during roll-out phase, and media budgets are 35% higher than projected.

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