Client : Cigna

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  • Cigna, a leading health insurance provider, was entering into the newly instituted Medicare Part D healthcare program for senior citizens. 

Challenges/Solution Strategies 

  • This campaign was developed and implemented at the inception of the Medicare Part D initiative.  
  • Due to the overwhelming response to this program, there were a myriad of advertisers and healthcare providers vying for their share of the market.  It was imperative to institute a campaign that would enable Cigna to differentiate itself from the competition. 
  • We constructed a hybrid marketing plan which integrated the flexibility and rate benefits of a direct response campaign with the stability and effectiveness of the traditional advertising model. 
  • In addition, we negotiated an extensive upfront media plan with CBS and select syndicators, and in most cases secured fixed placement and product exclusivity within programs.  All of which was unprecedented for a direct response campaign.

Determining Success

  • Due to our innovative marketing techniques during the Medicare Part D campaign, Cigna gained market share and lowered their Cost Per Lead.

Case Study Stats

Cigna was able to retain 40% SOV on the leading programs and networks targeting the senior market  

% saved by securing product exclusivity


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