Creative Director

Vlad Lapich, a creative director and producer, began his career in San Francisco in 2018 as an aspiring videographer. His journey through various production companies provided him with a rich tapestry of experiences, honing his skills in visual storytelling and technical expertise. Vlad’s significant break came when he joined a fintech startup. Vlad helped the startup go viral on social media, thanks to the videos he produced for them. Other brands, after noticing that, started working with him as well.

Currently, Vlad is renowned in the USA for his eye-catching marketing videos, particularly in the realms of TV commercials and animated content. His work, characterized by a blend of creativity and strategic insight, makes him a sought-after figure among tech startups and modern consumer brands. His direct engagement with CEOs and marketing decision-makers has not only elevated his profile but also solidified his reputation as a creator of compelling visual stories that drive direct results.

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