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You may want to give Jeff Goddard – the founder of TVA — a call sometime. I’ ve known Jeff Goddard for many years and he’s got a terrific reputation for delivering first class product for reasonable prices – super-professional. Every time I point a client to him, they are so thrilled with the outcome.

TVA IS ALSO IS EXPERT AT LINING UP CELEB SPOKESPEOPLE. I have been exploring ways to get in touch with the celeb you were discussing and I am finding it difficult to get that contact. I suggest that TVA would be the best one to work on this for you. They are really good at this. They may also have some alternative suggestions if your first choice is not available.
Along with doing the Health World News, jeff and his team also do more traditional infomercial work. I have never had a client who came back from working with Jeff with less than rave reviews. As I had mentioned in our meeting, when we did The Highlander, we had to actually stop running the ad he did for us, for a bit, just because it was so responsive our team could not keep up with the orders.
See you on Thursday — meanwhile, here is the information below about Jeff Goddard and TVA.

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