World Vision

Client : World Vision


After years of using television to acquire sponsors who gave $30 monthly to help one child, World Vision was ready for a new approach. With a focus on addressing specific issues like hunger, children orphaned by HIV and AIDS, or exploited children, a lower price-point of $20 empowered donors to make a difference while making a smaller commitment.



After the initial run of TV spots aired, two things were determined. First, the need of these children was a powerful motivator, especially the chance to end their hunger. Second, the emotional and somewhat graphic approach of the spots was both compelling and sometimes disturbing. So to address concerns that we had told more of the children’s suffering than was necessary, the spots were slightly revised to focus more on solutions and success, and lighten up on the heavy emotionalism.



In a head-to-head test of the “need” spots versus the “success” spots, need proved to be a significantly more powerful driver.

Need delivered:

  • 36% lower cost per call, saving $100 per person
  • 7% higher credit card usage, meaning better long-term value donors
  • 33% lower acquisition costs overall


The proven approach of emotionally involving donors in the need outweighed the value of focusing more on the organization’s good works.

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