The Walt Disney Company

Client : The Walt Disney Company

TVA Productions has worked for four divisions of Disney over the past ten years under the umbrella of Jordan Education Media. We’ve executed more than two dozen in-school programs for Disney, a Client that recognizes the power of entertainment images to help educate.

Our programs have been designed to achieve a multitude of objectives. A number of these projects featured outside partners. The McDonald’s 101 Dalmatians program included free samples of Dalmatian Happy Meal toys, while Hi-C used their Angels in the Outfield alliance to provide free samples of a new sized package. Other partners included Welch’s, Hasbro Toys, and Dannon Yogurt, among others. Some of these participants, like McDonald’s, were already Disney partners. Most of the others were brought to the party by our strategic alliances.

Along the way, tens of millions of students, and millions of educators have benefited from the cumulative educational value of these important programs. Repeatedly, TVA Productions has harnessed the power of entertainment as a curriculum and communications tool.

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