Client : Teradata

TVA produced a corporate image video which was featured at a major publicity event on top of a skyscraper in NYC using a giant VideoWall. Shortly after the event, NCR made a tender offer for Teradata at $30.50 per share while it was still trading at $16.

“I want to tell you how successful the new video has been for us.  It was the perfect opener for our press conference in New York — just the right mix of Hollywood glitz and corporate message.  The field sales force is eating it up — they keep asking for more copies to give to customers and prospects.  And we showed the piece at an employee roundup — everyone was jazzed.

This happened because you listened to our requirements.  You helped strategize a production within budget.  You boiled down my convoluted product positioning message and delivered a superior quality production that had the “feel” I needed to have.

Perhaps most impressive is the value received.  Your experience and creativity, coupled with your excellent production and post partners helped me develop a piece I am proud of.  It struck a cord with our senior management.  When I sought approval for this unprecedented project, I told them to “trust me.”  They did.  And now they couldn’t be happier, thanks to you guys.  I don’t think we’ve ever done anything so right the first time.

Now, as the cornerstone for our first real direct mail campaign, the video promises an even greater return.  My hat is off to you and all the folks who made it work!”

Matt Stankey , Marketing Mgr.

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