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After only a few weeks on the air, TVA’s MediaBlitz!® achieved wild profitability, generating a 4.11 MER (Media Efficiency Ratio) in the middle of winter with an outdoor fitness product! The MER maintained a 5.0, breaking industry records. Average size of order: $1,825.


Jeffery treats clients like one of the family. Great company with talent galore! Garrett  Watkins | President & CEO

#2 Fitness Infomercial (SF) in the nation

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I wanted to take a moment to personally thank you and your team at TVA Media Group for your
efforts on our MediaBlitz campaign. As you know, I had some poor experiences with media
companies in the past and those experiences added up to some costly mistakes. It was so
refreshing to work with a trustworthy media partner who knows how to put the client first!
Before we came to TVA Media Group our company was not profitable as we were really
struggling to find the right advertising medium to reach our target customer. Since starting the
MediaBlitz we’ve now become profitable and our sales are accelerating at a blistering pace.
“StreetStrider, the Elliptical that 
MOVES You”, is an outstanding production and I can’t
emphasize enough how thankful we are for your conscientious efforts to test the various
versions of our show. The production value alone far exceeded my expectations and I certainly
appreciate all your hard work in making sure the edited shows got to us on time.
Thanks again for treating us like family as it really made the leap into the Direct Response
business much easier than I anticipated. Our MER has been rising every week since we
launched the campaign and I’m confident now that we made the right choice in selecting TVA
Media Group as our media partner. Thanks for all that you do!
Wishing Health and Happiness,

Garrett  Watkins | President & CEO

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