Sony Pictures

Client : Sony Pictures

TVA was hired to assist in the successful promotion of Roland Emmerich’s disaster film, “2012.”

“Many thanks!”

Josh Goldstine,
Executive VP, Creative Advertising

The pleasure was all mine. It’s great working with you guys! We are very happy… with you…and that we have built this relationship that, we are sure, will turn into many ventures in the near future.

Antonio Gimenez-Palazon
Sony Pictures International
Marketing and Publicity

“Your DRTV campaigns promoting our themed merchandise averaged between 10,000 – 12,000 calls per weekwith an 8.25% conversion to sales. Average sales order: $189.00.”

(TVA actually had to pull the spot until a larger call center could be hired due to overwhelming call volume.)

Peter Davis
Davis-Panzer Productions

Jerry Skillet
M/One Advertising

Does Your Product Have What It Takes for DRTV Success?