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Client : Senior Citizens Action Network

TVA’s MediaBlitz!® for SCAN was instrumental in getting new national legislation passed. Our productions were aired intensively in Washington D.C. while a bill to increase the cap on new subscribers was being considered by Congress.

From the Los Angeles Business Journal, Jan. 10-16:

…executives with several other companies also believe they have benefited from their association with the show. One such company is Long Beach-based Senior Care Action Network (SCAN), a non-profit “social HMO” that was the subject of an entire 30-minute episode. The reporters at “Business World News” convinced Congressman Bill Thomas and Senator Jay Rockefeller to do interviews on the segment. SCAN provides full long-term care benefits—such as the services of housekeepers, cooks, and personal assistants-so that people who would otherwise be forced to move into a nursing home can live at home. These benefits are paid for by Medicare, but SCAN had a cap on its enrollment of 36,000. The “Business World News” segment was used as part of a lobbying effort to get the cap raised. Ultimately, Congress did vote to raise the cap. While SCAN spokesman Paul Kenkel can’t say for sure that the “Business World News” segment was the cause, he says it certainly helped.” \

“I think your crews were excellent in working with a complex set of objectives and subject matter. Your professionalism was outstanding.”

Paul Kenkel, Director of Public Relations

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