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Case Studies & References

TVA’s documercial for SCAN was instrumental in getting new national legislation passed.  Our production aired intensively in Washington D.C. while a bill to increase the cap on new subscribers was being considered by Congress. 

From the Los Angeles Business Journal, Jan. 10-16

…executives with several other companies also believe they have benefited from their association with the show. One such company is Long Beach-based Senior Care Action Network (SCAN), a non-profit “social HMO” that was the subject of an entire 30-minute episode. The reporters at “Business World News” convinced Congressman Bill Thomas and Senator Jay Rockefeller to do interviews on the segment. SCAN provides full long-term care benefits—such as the services of housekeepers, cooks, and personal assistants-so that people who would otherwise be forced to move into a nursing home can live at home. These benefits are paid for by Medicare, but SCAN had a cap on its enrollment of 36,000. The “Business World News” segment was used as part of a lobbying effort to get the cap raised. Ultimately, Congress did vote to raise the cap.                      

“I think your crews were excellent in working with a complex set of objectives and subject matter. Your professionalism was outstanding.”             

Paul Kenkel 

Director of Public Relations

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