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The Ask:

Mathnasium tasked our team with managing the brand’s TV and Paid Social Media.

The Approach:

Test-and-learn approach involved a single video creative for TV, and multiple creatives and landing pages for Paid Social, allowing for a robust optimization environment.

Campaign Variables / Landing Pages


Driving to multiple landing pages

The Challenge

  • Mathnasium developed an animated TV spot more appropriate to branding than direct response efforts.
  • With 700+ franchise locations, each with their own paid media accounts with limited to no visibility at the brand level, we were limited to driving traffic to the homepage. 
  • Because the majority of the franchises had not implemented call tracking on their center pages, there was a significant gap in measuring response.

Initial Results

  • The TV mix began with a heavy presence on the News networks to ensure the high price point was in line with the parent/grandparent viewer. Results were not as strong therefore a stream of children and family networks were introduced.  
  • Initial Paid Social campaign drove 2,300 leads (form submissions) over the course of 3 months at a Cost Per Lead of roughly $156 and a click-to-lead rate of 2.9%.
  • Because we were not able to track calls to the Paid Social campaign, Mathnasium applied a 3:1 call to form submission ratio based on internal call volume, effectively reducing the Weighted Cost Per Lead by 75% to $39.

The Solution

  • After weeks of discussion, client agreed to provide our team with testimonial assets from their YouTube page, which we edited based on DR best practices and incorporated into the Paid Social campaign.
  • In addition, client developed a conversion-oriented landing page that prominently featured the form and reduced the number of steps necessary for the user to find their local Mathnasium franchise location.

Optimized Results

  • TV CPA’s were reduced by 55% over the initial 13 weeks of the campaign as the lower cost children and family networks proved positive. 
  • Over the course of the initial four weeks of the optimized Paid Social campaign, over 1,700 form submissions were generated at a CPL of $49.
  • Addition of the conversion-oriented landing page resulted in an immediate 57% improvement in performance, while the new testimonial video resulted in an additional 48% improvement in performance over the animated TV spot.

The Outcome – TV

  • CPL’s began to come down by the third week, showing almost a consistent drop throughout the 17-week campaign  
  • A strong seasonality headwind was identified by mid-Nov, coupled with continued pressure on the remaining news networks due to the election, that resulted in a final shift in the media mix 100% towards the children’s and family networks

The Outcome

  • Lead volume increased from an average of 191 Forms submitted per week to 432
  • Cost Per Lead decreased from $159 to $49
  • Conversion rate increased by roughly 3.5x, from 2.8% to 9.7%

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