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I write this letter in commendation of the work and services of you and your fine company, TVA Productions of Studio City, California. Over the past year that Hoodia Products International, Inc. has been working with you and your fine staff, we have been extremely satisfied with the services and productions completed by TVA.

In the mass of production companies in Los Angeles, TVA Productions sets themselves apart by offering a “suite” of services, which when employed together has become an extremely successful marketing tool for our company and product. Over the past year you completed production and airing of a full-length infomercial, video news spotlight, Health World News piece and highly successful public relations campaign. As a small company, it is sometimes difficult to juggle all of the internal pieces of the company in addition to the management of a large-scale video marketing production. However, TVA has guided us along each step of the way offering their professional opinion yet always leaving the final decisions with us.

You all are so experienced in your field; surrounded by highly professional support staff and have a vast web of networking connections that runs from Studio City to New York to South Africa and beyond. As an international company, we had the need to film part of our promotional materials in the lower Kalahari Desert of South Africa. Within two weeks of first relaying our unique request to you, you successfully located and booked a South African camera crew who would travel with us to the Kalahari. This crew included a renowned “National Geographic” director of photography.

As our business continues to grow, and so do our needs, I am confident that by continuing to work with TVA Productions, our needs will be met with the professionalism and confidence that has been demonstrated throughout. I would highly recommend TVA Productions to any client interested in furthering their business through mass media, be it radio, video, Internet, public relations, and more. I am looking forward to the coming year and seeing we can continue to do together.

Best regards,

Jacob V.O. Mullins
CEO, Co-Chairman of the Board
Hoodia Products International, Inc.

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